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Queen Elizabeth Reportedly Talks about Having Her Teeth Straightened When She Was Younger While at Hospital Opening

Stephen Thompson
Feb 22, 2020
09:00 P.M.
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The royal family Monarch, Queen Elizabeth, disclosed that she got her teeth straightened as a child. The Queen of England reportedly said this during the tour of her newly launched ENT facility.


It beats the imagination to picture The Queen of England on braces, given her charming smile and the perfect set of teeth. However, the Monarch reportedly revealed that she got her teeth straightened at some point in her life. She said:

"I had wires, luckily it was a very long time ago. I think it's worth it in the end."

Queen Elizabeth II at a Christmas lunch on December 11, 2018, in London | Photo: Getty Images


The 93-year-old disclosed this while speaking to 10-year-old Ilia Aristovich during her tour of the Royal National ENT and Eastman Dental Hospitals.

The Royal Family shared an excerpt from the tour on Instagram, also describing the brief encounter with little Ilia saying:

"The Queen met Ilia, who has two cochlear implants to help her to hear. Each year, she throws a cochlear implant party, which the Queen said was a splendid idea!"


The royals are aware of the importance of a functioning, top of the art dental and ENT facility as they have a history of several family members patronizing the services over the years.

The Queen's grandchildren, Prince Harry, his elder brother, Prince Williams and Princess Eugene, all got their teeth straightened as kids.

The launch of the dental, Ear, Nose, and Throat treatment and research facility represents the Monarch's first public engagement of the new year and is set to schedule "over 200,000 appointments in the next year."


During her visit, the royal family matriarch met some of the staff at the research and care facility, as well as other patients present at the facility.

Reportedly, Prince William's wife was not always the professional, confident royalty, as, during the initial entry into the royal family.

The Queen of England's charitable works over the years has contributed immensely to the wellbeing of the masses. 


In her ninth decade, the Monarch hopes to pass down the tenets of giving back to the society to her granddaughter-in-law and future Queen, Kate Middleton. Gladly, the Duchess is picking up fast. A source divulged:

"Kate's learning all the ins and outs. The Queen admires her professionalism, commitment, and ability to take royal life in stride without getting flustered."

Reportedly, Prince William's wife was not always the professional, confident royalty, as, during the initial entry into the royal family, she was always nervous around the Queen, who in turn thought she "didn't work hard enough." However, the two women have grown to understand and adore each other.


This royal cause comes days after the Queen disclosed updates on the ongoing renovations at the Buckingham Palace on social media.

The video showed a nineteenth-century historic wallpaper being carefully taken down from the drawing-room for conservation to prevent its damage during the renovations. 

The Palace's remodeling reportedly cost an estimated sum of $490 million and puts all current health and safety standards on the forefront, while mitigating against hazards like flood and fire.

On completion of the project, the Buckingham castle would hopefully be more accessible and energy-efficient, which is the overall aim of the reservicing program.