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Gordon Ramsay Looks Different as He Dresses up like a Woman in '24 Hours to Hell & Back' Teaser

Tichafa Chidzonga
Mar 06, 2020
12:30 A.M.
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Gordon Ramsay looked unrecognizable dressed undercover as an elderly female patron at a restaurant in a teaser for an upcoming episode of '24 Hours to Hell & Back.' 


Season 3 of Gordon Ramsay's show "24 Hours to Hell & Back" has him going to extreme measures to help struggling restaurants give the best service to their customers.

In an episode that aired on February 11, 2020, Ramsay underwent a full make-over; prosthetic nose included to dress to disguise himself "Libby Lou."


Looking unrecognizable, he was dressed in full make-up, a blonde wig, and a church hat. In his caption, he made a special mention to his wife, he joked, "[Tana Ramsay] I apologize in advance."

Ramsay or should we say "Libby" was joined by a group of elderly females, who posed as members of a weekly book club. One fan joked that the look reminded him of Mrs. Doubtfire.

A fan comment on a picture of Gordon Ramsay dressed as a woman for an episode of "24 Hours to Hell & Back," which aired on February 11, 2020 | Source:


Ramsay and his gang of ladies were on a mission to figure out the problems the Richmond, Virginia restaurant Southern Kitchen was facing. With his disguise complete and ready to enter the restaurant, he 


"Libby Lou ready for a lady's lunch. Trust me this one is going to be a page-turner."


As he stood outside the restaurant, Ramsay shared his concerns about how to handle his fake breasts. He humorously asked the women for advice on what to do if they started to go lopsided.

Getting a little cheeky with women, he left them in complete hysterics as he requested they lift up his breasts in the event he had a wardrobe malfunction.


Unlike his other hit show, "Hell's Kitchen," which films over several days, Ramsay only had 24 hours to help the struggling restaurant make the right changes and get back on track to being a success.

In a teaser for the episode, Ramsay shared his disappointment over everything from the slow service, the dried pork chop to prawns in a stew, which he said tasted like "cough mixture."

Dressed as a woman for the first time doesn't mean there is a lack of female chefs in the Ramsay family. In fact, his youngest daughter, Matilda, is a rising chef.

It is reported, the 17-year-old is has her own cooking show called "Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch." Following in her father's footsteps, she also published a cookbook, "Tilly's Kitchen Takeover."