Woman Whose Husband Is in Coma Due to COVID-19 Also Lost Her Parents and Brother to the Virus

An Ohio native lost her father, brother, and mother after they suffered from coronavirus, and now her husband is on life support as he battles with the same virus.

The global health crisis has caused series of panic attacks across the world, with a growing number of those who are positive and have died, it is no surprise that everyone is paying heed to the recommendations of credible health agencies.

Illustration of the global coronavirus pandemic. | Source: Pixabay.

Illustration of the global coronavirus pandemic. | Source: Pixabay.

Unfortunately, out of the over 5000 deaths recorded in the United States, an American citizen suffered a great tragedy as three of her family members died, leaving her with a sick husband struggling for his life.

Kelly Conkey Phillips first lost her brother, David, followed by her parents, Lou and Judy, who have been together for more than five decades. The bereaved expressed that this experience has torn her apart. Through her tears, she said:

"It has destroyed my family. It has broken my family. It's like a nightmare...you just wonder how bad it's going to get and what happens when it's all over."

This bitter experience for Kelly, who is also a mother of three, came weeks after she and her husband visited her parents.

They all had a swell time only to discover upon their return that her brother, David contracted sinus infections, a week later, his parents got sick.

A Louisiana mother lost her daughter after premature delivery.

Kelly's husband, Don Billups, became ill two weeks later, and she has since looked up to God for his survival.

A friendly neighbor, Santuomo, explained that the bereaved has always reached out to the needy, and now that it's her turn to be "lifted," all she has requested for is prayer. According to the source:

"I called Kelly and asked her what she needed; she just kept saying 'prayers.' It wasn't easy for her to let us do something, but so many people are touched by this...this is a way to care."

Irrespective of the hard times that have followed Kelly's devastating experience, she beckoned on every other citizen to stay home so as not to fall victim to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A journalist, Adam Kuperstein, also lost his dad to the novel coronavirus. With his mother testing positive and self-isolating, the onscreen star has come out to air loss and grief. The NBC anchor stated that his family is "shattered."

Similarly, a Louisiana mother lost her daughter after premature delivery. Both mother and daughter are said to have tested positive to coronavirus.

Sadly, some people that have fallen victim to the disease lost their lives in the battle while others are trying to recover. This leaves the world in a vulnerable state, however medical professionals have committed to the struggle.

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