Tisha Campbell's Ex Duane Martin & Their Autistic Son Xen Look like Twins in a Throwback Photo

Duane Campbell took a selfie with his eldest son after taking him on a trip of a lifetime to meet his idol, Birdman. Fans gushed over how much the father and son looked like twins.

Tisha Campbell's ex-husband, Duane Campbell scored some major points with their son Xen Campbell when he took him to meet his idol. The actor explained:

"Xen's dream was to sign a record deal with YOUNG MONEY RECORDS. On this night I introduced him to BIRDMAN CEO of YOUNG MONEY."

The story of his son's meeting with Birdman got a little comical, when Duane joked, “[Xen] almost peed on himself. Be careful what you wish for. And certainly, practice the moment."

Duane shared a selfie with his son showing off a beaming smile. Fans commented on how adorable they looked together, and one fan couldn't help pointing out how much Duane and Xen looked alike.

A fan commented on a photo of Duane Martin and his son Xen Martin taking a selfie together | Source: Instagram.com/duane_martin

A fan commented on a photo of Duane Martin and his son Xen Martin taking a selfie together | Source: Instagram.com/duane_martin

"Twins!!! And I'm glad he got to meet Birdman," another fan added. Duane also received praises from one fan for sharing the special moment with his followers, he said:

"That's awesome story bro, thanks for sharing. I know he won't forget that. Impactful."

Xen is Duane's eldest son with his ex-wife Tisha; the couple also has a ten-year-old named Ezekiel Czar.

Shortly after welcoming their second son in 2010, Tisha and Duane opened up to PEOPLE about how they had coped raising Xen, who they discovered at 18-months-old is autistic.

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My baby... Today, I cried happy tears for two hours straight in traffic Today my son, Xen, got into the college he’s talked about since he was eight years old. He didn’t wait for anyone to help him. He didn’t wait for us to help him and when someone said he’d never get in — He applied anyway. It’s it’s so apropos because that’s how he has lived his life regardless of the odds. My baby wants to be an animal conservationist and he will be. He has stayed on the deans list and is holding down two jobs because he wants to be independent of a silver spoon He cares less about labels. Xen, mommy’s goal was to make you as independent of me as possible. I wanted you to be able to survive greatly without me. I never knew you would surpass my hopes for your future. You are amazing man. Mommy loves you with all my heart and soul. You and your brother are my everything. Thank you for choosing me as your vessel. @autismspeaks @autismparentingmagazine #blessedbeyondmeasure

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Tisha explained that after getting a grim diagnosis that their son would probably never be able to talk or tie his shoes, they were fearful and very emotional in the beginning.

However, the fight in them kicked in, and they supported Zen through 40 hours of weekly behavioral therapy sessions and helped him with their own unique methods of adapting to social environments.

At the time, Tisha admitted that Xen's health brought her closer together with Duane. However, after 20 years of marriage, the two filed for divorce in a very nasty public battle.

Despite the fallout of their marriage, Xen has continued to make progress and is headed to his dream college. It is reported, Tisha cried "happy tears"  over her son's accomplishment because she never thought it would be possible.

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