July 08, 2020

Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels Sets an Example by Wearing a Face Mask during Practice (Photo)

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Debbie Trout, the mother of MLB Los Angeles Angels baseball star, Mike Trout, shared an important message to her followers about wearing masks in public.

Amid concerns surrounding the spread of the novel coronavirus, the use of face masks to help slow down the spread of the disease has been employed by countries worldwide.

Mike Trout #27 of the Los Angeles Angels prepares for a spring training game against the Cleveland Indians on March 03, 2020. | Photo: Getty Images


However, some people disagree with the ideology. Debbie Trout, mother of 28-year-old MLB LA Angels' highest-paid baseball player, Mike Trout, decided to educate such people on the importance of using masks in public. She wrote on Twitter:

"If Mike Trout can wear a mask while running the bases, you can wear a mask going out in public. #WearAMask."

The photo accompanying Debbie's message was of her son running the bases in a mask, while practicing for the upcoming shortened season of 60 games. In the picture, Mike wore a red and white baseball outfit with a matching red baseball hat. 


According to Today, the baseball star hardly took off his mask while practicing, for fear of contracting the virus, which could, in the long run, hurt his pregnant wife, Jessica, and their unborn child. 

Mike Trout wants to play baseball in the coming season, but it all comes down to how safe he would be.

Trout, the Angels' center fielder, has also expressed that he was also concerned about the pandemic and what it meant for him as a baseball player, his wife, and the child they were expecting.


Trout and Jessica are expecting their baby to arrive sometime in August, but for the sportsman who is unarguably the best player the league had to offer, being absent from the season would be a huge loss for the sports. 

He reportedly told reporters, during a conference call, that they were playing the whole situation by ear. If anything happened, and he ended up positive, he would have to stay away from his child and wife for as long as he needed to.


Keeping them safe was his priority, and he and his wife spoke about it every night, Trout claimed. He knew he was risking himself by playing in the coming season.

Trout added that he knew it was a game that he and his fellow sports lovers wanted to play, but it all came down to how safe they were going to be on the field and beyond.


After listening to the cries and concerns of their players, the MLB decided to change up many rules of the game to make sure that they were as safe as possible, with the first adjustment being a shortened period for the season.

In the 1200-page guide released by the MLB, players would no longer be allowed to spit, chew tobacco, or even shower in the clubhouse. The new guidelines would ensure that there would hardly be any loopholes when the season starts on July 24.

For the Trouts and many other families out there, remaining safe amid the pandemic is their utmost concern, and the proactive ones like Debbie continue to spread the word to help flatten the curve in the measures they believe to be effective.


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