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July 31, 2020

Kelly Preston and John Travolta Had Deep Ties with Scientology — inside Their Religious Views

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Late actress Kelly Preston was a Scientologist, just like her husband, John Travolta. She even went through a counseling regimen known as "pregnancy assist."

Travolta and Preston were two of the most famous celebrities deeply involved with the Church of Scientology, but they were not the only ones. People as influential as Tom Cruise and Juliette Lewis have also publicly spoken about their commitment to it.

Scientology helped [Preston and Travolta] get through their child's death.

Kelly Preston on May 15, 2018 in Cannes, France | Photo: Getty Images



On different occasions, Preston and Travolta have defended the Church of Scientology. Back in 2015, for example, the documentary "Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief" was released, and it criticized the organization.

Shortly after that, Travolta admitted to being happy with his experience in the Church and that he had not dealt with any of the negative things shown in the documentary.


As Daily Beast reported, Preston used to be a "hardcore" Scientologist. She was introduced to this religion back in 1985 thanks to her acting coach Milton Katselas. Later, in 1987, she met Travolta, another enthusiastic member of the Church.

In 1991, Preston married Travolta and got pregnant with their first child, Jett. For two people as dedicated to Scientologist as Preston and Travolta, going through the process known as "pregnancy assist" was only natural.




pregnancy assist

is a counseling process in which dedicated Scientologists prepare to have a child. Reaching her due date, Preston subjected herself to it.

Later, when Jett was born, Kelly Preston received even more counseling, another process known for Scientologists as "auditing." Preston went through the final step of the entire procedure at a Hollywood Celebrity Center.


It is important to point out that most of the counseling methods regarding pregnancies – the ones that Preston subjected herself to – were based on writings and lectures provided by L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology's founder.

According to Sunny Pereira, who interviewed Preston shortly after giving birth to Jett using an E-meter (a device that displays electrodermal activity used for auditing in Scientology), Preston was "awfully pleasant" and "sweet." Still, she was a "hardcore" and "strict Scientologist."



Geoff Levin, another member of the Church of Scientology, also labeled John Travolta's wife as a strict Scientologist who would be even more involved in efforts to promote the Church than Travolta. Levin added:

"It was very clear to me that she was much more involved at Celebrity Centre, like for the 'Christmas Stories' events, raising money for the LAPD."


Unfortunately, Jett passed away when he was only 16 years old from a fatal seizure. He had been diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease when he was a toddler. Years after his passing, both Preston and Travolta opened up on how Scientology helped them get through their child's death.

Travolta pointed out that life stopped being interesting when Jett died and that he was not sure if he was going to make it through.


He got full support from his Church for two years, thankfully. Taking no days off, they used different techniques and angles that made him go through grief and loss until he finally felt able to get through his life.

In Kelly Preston's case, she also credited the Scientology Center as responsible for her grieving process. After Jett died, she learned that she had to love her kids as if it was the last moment to do it.



John Travolta is probably going through a similar grieving process again because, on July 12, 2020, Preston passed away after a two-year-long journey with breast cancer.

In a statement released shortly after her death, a family representative explained that she decided to deal with her illness in private and that she underwent medical treatment.


As the Daily Beast reported, and according to Scientology beliefs, cancer is caused when cells realize that the body they inhabit is blocked from having children.

In other words, Preston's cancer might have been caused because she had some "second-dynamic or sexual upset, such as the loss of children," according to the Church's beliefs.

Another debatable aspect in Preston's cancer and her beliefs was that she was OT 8, which supposedly meant that she had different abilities, including being "impervious to disease," reported the Daily Beast.

Kelly Preston is survived by her husband, John Travolta, and her two kids, Ella Bleu and Benjamin Travolta.


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