Jaleel White Shared a Memory Posing in a Purple Suit in Throwback Video from 'Family Matters'

Kagweni Micheni
Sep 11, 2020
05:30 A.M.
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Jaleel White has shared a hilarious throwback of himself, reminding fans how he came to fame. Check out the funny clip here. 


Jaleel White made a name for himself playing Steve Urkel, the suspender-wearing super nerd who made people laugh in the hit sitcom, "Family Matters."

Like most child actors of the time, White spent a lot of his career trying to move away from the character. However, he still holds a special place in his heart for everyone's favorite annoying neighbor. 


While the show only aired between 1989 and 1998, fans are still fascinated by his iconic role and it seems that White is as well. 

This "Throwback Thursday," White decided to share a funny clip showing Urkel in his signature purple suit with high waisted trousers, strolling into the house. He captioned the hilarious clip:

"Me in 2000 pullin up on a shawty???? Who wants Benihana’s??? #repost @sporty_hiphop??."

Jaleel White as Steve Urkel from "Family Matters," September 1, 1997 | Photo: Getty Images.


Fans loved the clip shared by the actor with many calling his Legendary while others could not get enough of the suit.

During an interview, White revealed that fans would still interact with him because of his role on "Family Matters," adding that he could feel their excitement.

While fans of "Family Matters" may be hoping for a reboot, White has said that he doesn't think it will happen.


White got his start in the acting world as a young child. However, unlike other child actors at the time, the star managed to escape the "child star curse."

The actor revealed that it was his mother that kept him grounded as she ruled their home with a heavy hand. He said:

"I think my mom was more concerned about me being 'normal' than she ever was concerned about what I did as an actor."


While fans of "Family Matters" may be hoping for a reboot, White has said that he doesn't think it will happen, sharing that he believes it should stay in a time before mobile phones. 

He did manage to find a way to bring back Urkel briefly after he voiced the character on the animated series of "Scooby-Doo" and "Guess Who?"

White almost didn't play the iconic character after he revealed that he was nearly a part of another hit 90s show, "The Cosby Show."

The star said that he had initially gone to audition for the role of Rudy and was told that it was his, however, the show executives decided to change the part for a girl.