November 01, 2020

Daily Joke: A Man and an Ostrich Entered a Restaurant

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One day, a man named Alex walked into a nearby restaurant along with his full-grown ostrich. He immediately looked for a table inside because he was very hungry.

As he sat, a smiling waiter came over and asked him for his orders. Alex told the waiter he wants fries, a hamburger, and a soft drink. Alex then turned to the ostrich and asked what his order was.

The ostrich replied that he likewise prefers a hamburger, fries, and soft drinks. A short time later, the waitress came back with their orders. The waiter told Alex he would pay $6.40.

Photo of a restaurant. | Photo: Pexels


Alex then reached into his pocket and pulled out the exact change for payment. The following day, Alex and the ostrich came again and ordered fries, a hamburger, and a soft drink.

Just like when they first went to the restaurant, what Alex ordered, so did the ostrich. Once again, Alex reached into his pocket and paid with the exact change.

Man in a restaurant. | Photo: Pexels


This turned into a routine until one night, the pair went to the eatery again. "The usual?" the waiter inquired. To which Alex replied no, adding that since it's Friday night, he will have a salad, a steak, and baked potato.

When the waiter asked the ostrich, the latter said steak, baked potato, and salad were also his orders. A short time later, the waiter came with the orders and told them it was worth $12.62.

Close-up photo of an ostrich. | Photo: Pexels


Once again, Alex pulled the exact change out of his pocket and put it on the table. The waiter could not hold back his curiosity anymore, so he asked Alex how he managed to always come up with the exact change out of his pocket without fail.

Alex then answered that several years ago, he found an old lamp while cleaning the attic. When he rubbed the old lamp, he said that a genie appeared and offered him two wishes.

Waiter working in a restaurant. | Photo: Pexels


Alex went on to explain that his first wish was that on the off chance that he ever needed to pay for anything, he would just place his hand in his pocket, and the right amount of cash would always be there.

The waiter said it was great. "Most people would wish for a hefty amount of money or something. However, you will always be as rich as you want for as long as you live." the waiter added.

Photo of an old lamp. Pexels


The waiter at that point asked about the ostrich. Alex sighed and replied that his second wish was for a tall chick with long legs, who will agree with all that he says.

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Source: Starts At 60