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Rihanna Once Called Chris Brown the Love of Her Life — Why the Singer Forgave Him

Stephen Thompson
Jan 14, 2021
01:50 A.M.
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Over ten years ago, singers Chris Brown and Rihanna rocked the world when their romance came to a screeching halt after Brown assaulted Rihanna. Take a look back at the road to her forgiving him.


Chris Brown and Rihanna's relationship was one of the most famous for many reasons, including their indelible domestic violence case. It was a love that many had at the time thought would lead to the altar.

They were even termed the "power couple" by many fans. It was meant to be a love to look out for in Hollywood. After the unforgettable assault occurrence between them, many fans thought it was unforgivable.

Rihanna at the "Queen & Slim" premiere in November 2019. | Photo: Getty Images


Speaking to Oprah Winfrey in 2012, Rihanna said: "I have forgiven him. It took me a long, long time. I was angry for a long time. I think he was the love of my life. He was the first love."

The "Work" singer said that she was angry and she held a grudge against Brown. She also said that she was so angry that it started to reflect in her music, appearance, outfit choices, and attitude.


The singer admitted that she did not like that feeling and how the anger seemed to take over her life. To resolve her hate, anger, and pain, Rihanna revealed that she had to repair her relationship with her father.

The "Pon de Replay" crooner shared that she and Brown found a way to work around their hurt.


With tears streaming down her face, she told Winfrey that there were so many things left unresolved from her childhood. She was never able to separate her father as a husband and a dad.

This made her carry a lot of anger, and it became too heavy to bear. Opening up about her childhood, Rihanna revealed that she witnessed many unpleasant things in her household, including her father being violent to her mother.


In the end, their family broke up because of her father's struggle with addiction. Following her resolution with her father, she realized that she did not truly hate Brown for what he had done.

She described her feelings towards him as a love that was tarnished but looked like hate because it was ugly and angry. She eventually forgave him, and that was when she could truly move on and live her life.


The incident that led to their falling out and eventual reconciliation occurred on the night of February 9, 2009. Rihanna reportedly spotted him with another woman at a party they went to, and then, later on, found a message from her on his phone.

They were in their rented Lamborghini when an argument broke out about Brown's infidelity. Brown's rage was relentless. He reportedly punched his then-girlfriend repeatedly in the face and arm, even bit her ear.


The incident left the Barbados-born singer bloody and bruised, and photos of her battered face were leaked to the public. Being one of music's favorite power couples, it did not take long for the news to get mouths and tabloids talking.

When asked about becoming a poster child for victims of domestic abuse, Rihanna said that she felt forced to relive the sad incident. Rihanna and Brown reportedly first confirmed that they were an item in 2008 after years of speculation by the fans and media.


Brown, who openly condemned his actions, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to five years of probation as well as community service. The "Pon de Replay" crooner shared that she and Brown found a way to work around their hurt.

They became good friends again. While fans might not get to see them as partners again, it warms hearts to see that both parties have found a place in their hearts to forgive and allow healing.


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