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December 22, 2020

Jaleel White's Daughter Samaya Scolds Dad over Loud Music in Video for His 'Meme Show'

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Jaleel White's lookalike daughter made a cameo on his meme show and scolded him out for being too loud while she was trying to take a quiz for school.

In a clip from Jaleel White's meme show posted to his Instagram, his daughter makes a small cameo to tease her dad for shooting the show in the garage and to scold him for his music being too loud. 

The 11-year-old looks just like her "Family Matters" actor Dad. White regularly shares photos of the two bonding. Most recently he has been sharing his meme show "Under The Influence."



The show features White sharing funny memes and videos he has found on the internet and reacting to them, He then names a winner and a loser of the episode. In episode 3 his daughter makes a hilarious cameo. 

Samaya pops through an edited garage door to make fun of her dad and tell him to turn the music down as she was taking a quiz for her zoom classes, she said

"You gotta lower the music, I know you want everyone to think you are not shooting this in our garage, but zoom school is still in sess. "