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Inside Sir Paul McCartney's Bitter Divorce from Ex-wife Heather Mills

Mabale Moloi
Jan 18, 2021
02:00 A.M.
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When Paul McCartney and his ex-wife Heather Mills separated after a four-year marriage in 2006, they entered into a 2-year acrimonious divorce process that ended in one of the most expensive celebrity splits in history.


Paul McCartney and former model Heather Mills endured an ugly divorce process that had Mills leveling all sorts of accusations against her ex while being criticized for her demands by presiding Judge Hugh Bennet.

Mills, 53, fired her lawyer and opted to represent herself. She requested a $250 million settlement, alleging McCartney, 78, was worth $1.6billion at the time. During the trial, she accused the musician of ruining her career and phone tapping.

Paul McCartney attending the the 5th "Adopt A Minefiled" gala with then wife, Heather Mills in Los Angeles, in November 2015. | Photo: Getty Images.


McCartney stated through his legal representation that he was prepared to give the activist $30million. The court ruling also debunked Mills' $1.6 billion net worth assumption, showing McCartney was worth $800million.

In the end, Mills was awarded $15million in estates, $70 000 annual child support, and a settlement of $48.6million - less than one-fifth of what she had wanted. She was overjoyed with the ruling calling it a well-fought fight, while McCartney said:

"All will be revealed."


Indeed, all the information came to light when the divorce details were publicized in a 58-page document. Judge Bennet referred to Mills' demands as absurd, without reason, and far too much. Needless to say, Mills had objected to this coming out.

Furthermore, Bennet found the evidence Mills had provided to be at odds with the truth, leaving McCartney feeling vindicated. In the end, both parties were satisfied with the result and were itching to move on with their lives.

McCartney married for the third time, and recently enjoyed a holiday with his wife, Nancy Shevell.


Legal experts weighed in with their views. Marilyn Stowe, who is a family law specialist, criticized Mills for being greedy. Had she been more measured, Stowe believed the court would have been more sympathetic.

James Quigly, who represented Michael Jordan in his 2006 divorce, was of the view that Mills was awarded more than she deserved, given they had only been married for years, adding:

"From that aspect, it amazes me she’s getting this type of money.”


McCartney met the TV presenter in 1999 at the "Pride of Britain Awards." He had recently buried his wife of 29 years, Linda, who had battled breast cancer. Mills later accused McCartney's daughter, Stella, of trying to break up their marriage.

A fanatic of skiing, Mills was ranked 28th in world slalom by the International Paralympic Committee in 2015. Despite losing her leg in an accident in 1993, Mills' adventurous spirit kept her competitive.


Both McCartney and Mills have gone their separate ways since their ugly fight between 2006 and 2008. McCartney married for the third time and recently enjoyed a holiday with his wife, Nancy Shevell.

Mills is in a relationship with 36-year-old boyfriend, Mike Dickman. The two exchanged commitment rings last Christmas, although sources have said Mills has no plans to walk down the aisle anytime soon.