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Daily Joke: A Group of Kids Were Sitting with Their Teacher

Busayo Ogunjimi
Feb 09, 2021
01:20 P.M.
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Children have the funniest answers to some questions, and a classroom teacher discovered this fact while asking a group of pupils some questions.


Children are adorable characters, and while it is in their nature to be naughty sometimes, they can also provide some of the silliest but hilarious responses to questions they are asked.

A classroom teacher found this out while asking a group of children in her class some questions. The children were sitting in a circle when their teacher began asking them questions one after the other.

A teacher putting a student through his work in the classroom | Photo: Shutterstock


She asked the first pupil named Davy about the noise a cow makes. Davy replied, saying, cows moo. The teacher moved on to the next student, Alice.

She asked Alice the noise a cat makes. She smiled and answered, saying a cat meows. The teacher was impressed and asked Jamie what sound a lamb makes.

Photo of young children raising hands. | Photo: Freepik


Jamie was excited and responded, saying, "It goes baaa." Again, the teacher was impressed with her students' replies to the questions being asked and turned to little Jennifer behind her.

She asked Jennifer about the sound a mouse makes. The little tot thought hard and fast about her answer and said, "Errr… it goes click!"

Photo of a boy listening to the teacher | Photo: Pexels


Now can one say that is the wrong answer? Here is another hilarious joke about a teacher who asked her students a maths question.

A grade two teacher was teaching her pupils mathematics and in the middle of a question on addition. She asked one of the students how old he was on his last birthday.

A male teacher holding a chalk in front of a blackboard. | Photo: Flickr


The student replied that he was seven on his last birthday. The teacher asked the student how old he would be on his next birthday, and he replied that he would be nine.

The student's response confused the teacher, who told him that he could not be nine on his next birthday. However, the student stood his ground, telling the teacher that it was possible because he is eight today.

A photo of students with their report cards. | Photo: Shutterstock.


Here is one last joke about a Sunday School teacher who noticed one of her students was making faces at others on the playground. The teacher, Ms. Smith, walked to the student and gently reproved him.

Ms. Smith smiled sweetly and told the student, named Bobby, that she was told that she would freeze and remain that way if she made ugly faces when she was a child.

Little kids raising their hands in class | Photo: Unsplash

Looking up at his teacher, Bobby replied saying, "Well, Ms. Smith, you can't say you weren't warned."

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