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Daily Joke: A Young Woman Asks a Priest for a Favor While on an Airplane

Gaone Pule
May 27, 2021
08:30 P.M.
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Kelly has been planning on going on a solo trip for a while now. After finally getting her vacation approval from work, she decided to go shopping for her trip overseas.


She took the whole day and went shopping for some of her favorite things. Shopping always makes her feel better, and Kelly made sure she enjoyed every moment.

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While at the stores, she thought of purchasing something she had never had before and decided to buy a drone to help her capture her moments on the trip.

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Kelly now had everything she needed and came the weekend, and she hopped on a plane to Africa. On the airplane, she sat next to a priest, and the two hardly communicated.

She put on her headphones and listened to her favorite playlist, which was composed of R&B music. Kelly was now relieved that she got rid of the awkwardness between them.

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She thought to herself, "What can we even talk about? He is a real priest, and I'm not good with religious talk. Plus, I’m a sinner. He probably sees right through me. Oh my gosh, please let him keep it to himself."

And so chose to keep quiet and believed that the less they spoke, the better. Kelly continued listening to her music, and the sound was so loud that the priest asked her to tone down the sound a bit.

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"Excuse me, you lady, this is a long trip, and I do not mean to be negative or impose or anything, but I would like to request that you please reduce the volume a little bit," said the priest.

"Oh, okay," said Kelly while feeling guilty. She then asked the priest whether he could do him a favor since he started speaking to her.

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"Alright, I'm listening," said the priest. "Okay, so I bought this drone because I am on a solo trip and would want to take lots of pictures for the memories, but I don't know how it works, and so I was hoping you could check it  for me?”

The priest laughed and said, "Well, my child, it is quite a bit of a challenge that if you as the youth know nothing about technology, then where does that leave an ancient being like me?" he asked.

"Well, I figured since you are a male figure, you would know how to use it, I only know a few guys who know how to use a drone, so I guess I assume that every male out there knows regardless of profession,” you know,” she replied.


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The priest responded, "That is quite sad considering that you can use those things in your ears and you able to take a trip on your own, which means you can do anything on your own, am I right?"

Kelly said, "Well, not quite, well you see, I am exploring a lot of things on my own at this time in my life; hence I'm here alone." The priest responded, "You should explore this technology as well on your own, don't you think, child?"

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