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Unusual Record-Breaking Heat Wave Experienced in Northeastern Parts of the Country

Lois Oladejo
Jun 08, 2021
09:00 P.M.
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The United States is currently experiencing a heatwave with some of the worst temperature highs recorded in the country’s northeastern part. Some Western states have also had flash floodings in the past few days.


Over five million American residents were declared under the heavy wave this past weekend as several north southern states experienced a record-breaking heatwave.

Last week, the heatwave, which was predominant in the Western states, moved across the Northeastern parts through last Saturday and Sunday.

A pictorial example of what a hot weather looks like. | Photo: Pexels


On Saturday, the National Weather Service, Twin Cities, shared a tweet warning residents that temperatures would rise as high as 97, 99, and 100 degrees in different parts.

Later that night, the department revealed several locations across western Minnesota recorded temperatures over a hundred degrees. They also explained that by reaching 97 degrees, Saint Cloud broke a pre-existing temperature record high of 96 degrees from 1922.

Newark, New Jersey, broke the record with the temperature going as high as 95 degrees. Washington, the capital city, hit a new record with the low 90s.


Bridgeport, Connecticut, tied its record of 86 degrees while Boston is expected to experience mid 90s temperature through this week. If Boston has temperatures rising above 90 degrees for at least five consecutive days, the heatwave will officially become the longest in nearly a decade.

The United States experienced another recording-breaking extreme weather condition in 2017.


Meanwhile, Mid Western states like Minneapolis reached a record-breaking high of 99 degrees. Fargo and Bismarck, both cities in North Dakota, recorded 100 and 103 degrees, respectively.

Since the start of June, several weather records have been broken with the hot and dry air that recently moved over the United States earlier. Nearly 200 more heat records are set to be broken from the West Coast to the East Coast as the heatwave continues through the week.


Similarly, intense storms moved across some parts of the United States from Montana to South Carolina. There were also reports of flash flooding in some parts of Texas and South Carolina.

Other cities like Louisiana, Gulfport, New Orleans, Mississippi, Beaumont, and Lake Charles also face threats of experiencing flash flooding.


The latest heatwave comes only about four years after the United States experienced another recording-breaking extreme weather condition in 2017. The hot temperatures and high humidity levels ran through the Midwest to the Northeast, with forecast degrees going as high as the 90s.

As the country continues to experience extreme weather conditions, the National Weather Service encourages all citizens to take proper precautions and stay safe.