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Mom & Daughter Donate 80,000 Pennies to Charity after Dad Threw Them on the Lawn as Child Support Payment

Laura Beatham
Jun 11, 2021
03:50 P.M.
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That is a lot of pennies! A mother and daughter did a remarkably selfish act after the father made his last child support payment in pennies.


A family in Richmond was shocked when 80 000 pennies were delivered to their home and dumped on their front lawn. However, they are now turning a negative situation into a positive one.

Avery Sanford had been in the middle of a class when her father decided to dump his last child support payment, in 80 000 pennies, on her mother's front lawn. Both mother and daughter were incredibly shocked.

Avery Sanford's father dumping 80 000 pennies on her mother's lawn. | Photo: youtube.com/WtvrCBS6


Sanford spoke to WTVR about the situation and explained that her father was attempting to embarrass their mother, but at the same time, the incident upset herself and her sister.

However, Sanford, who just turned 18, and her mother decided to turn the situation around and donate her final child support payment to Safe Harbor, a domestic abuse center. Sanford said of their decision:

"Turning around and donating that money to moms and children in need, I feel like that really turns this situation into a positive. You can learn from it."

A jar of pennies spilling on to a carpet. | Photo: Pixabay/PublicDomainPictures


Sanford explained that she and her father had not spoken in years. Furthermore, she did not have any interest in forming and building a relationship with someone who was disrespectful towards her mother.

The penny incident only further proved that the tough choice to stay away from her father was the right decision. She told the news outlet that the accident was very hurtful and damaging.

In March, People reported a story about a man who was paid his final paycheck of $915 in pennies.

Avery Sanford speaking to WTVR about the penny incident. | Photo: Youtube/wtvrcbs6


In addition, Sanford stated that it did not matter whether someone's child was an adult or still young. Any action they make as a parent will always have an impact on their child.

WTVR reached out to Sanford's father for comment, and he stated that the incident was the result of "18 years of built-up frustration" and that "his emotions got the best of him."

Police tape, with three police officers. | Photo: Shutterstock


Sanford's mother said she reported the incident to Henrico Police. The department confirmed to People that the incident was documented, but no charges are being filed.

Surprisingly Sanford and her mother are not the only people paid in pennies by a petty owing party. In March, People reported a story about a man who was paid his final paycheck of $915 in pennies.

A close up look at a couple of $100 dollar bills. | Photo: Shutterstock


Andreas Flaten, from Georgia, and his girlfriend, Olivia Oxley, who shared the story on his behalf, were shocked one morning when they found a pile of oiled pennies on their driveway.

The culprit was Flaten's ex-employer, Miles Walker, who chose to pay Flaten his final paycheck in pennies after Flaten had resigned from his position at Walker Luxury Autoworks in Peachtree City four months before the incident.