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Daily Riddle with Answer: Spot the Hidden Message in the Poem

Afouda Bamidele
Jun 12, 2021
02:30 A.M.
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Today's #Riddleoftheday is a treasure hunt for unique words that have been cunningly hidden within sentences. Below are three fun puzzles to help tackle any boredom.


Riddles and puzzles, also known as brain teasers, are activities designed to stimulate one's intellect. However, they simultaneously act as a tool against boredom and can help you to relax.

If you wish to test your capabilities or you are simply searching for a fun activity, then these riddles will not disappoint. Keep reading to solve some tricky yet fun puzzles that can make your day.

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Flowers are one of nature's best features as they come in various shapes, colors, and sizes. The first riddle of the day uses common flower names that have been skillfully hidden within synonyms.

This simply means that the answers to the puzzle are words similar to the clues given. The synonyms must also form a flower name. For example: "Small container + To allow" Answer: "Vial + Let", i.e. "violet." Now that you get the picture try solving these problems.

1. An instrument + Flesh around the mouth

2. Foppish + A large wildcat


3. To wed + A soft yellow element

4. A false statement + To be deficient in

5. Indicates an alternative + A child

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There are four relatives, Sam, Alex, Charlie, and Jordan. However, one out of the three is a different gender from the others. Here are some clues to help you find the opposite sex.

1. Charlie has only one son, who is either Sam or Alex.

2. Jordan's sister is either Alex or Charlie.

3. Jordan is either Sam's brother or Sam's only daughter.

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The last riddle is about 3 brothers who share a unique family sport that involves a non-stop marathon. The oldest is fat and short, so he moves slowly while the middle brother, who is tall and slim, keeps a steady pace. However, the youngest runs the fastest.

While talking about his performance, the other brothers said, "He is young in years, we let him run, because although he is number one, he remains second, in a way." What do you think this means?

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Answer to Riddle One

1. Tulip (tool + lip)

2. Dandelion (dandy + lion)

3. Marigold (marry + gold)

4. Lilac (lie + lack)

5. Orchid (or + kid)

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Answer to Riddle 2

Charlie is the opposite gender. Clue 3 states that Jordan is either Sam's only daughter or his brother. However, clue 2 states that Jordan's sister is either Alex or Charlie.

If Jordan is Sam's only daughter, then Jordan cannot have a sister. That means Jordan must be Sam's brother and a male. Since we have established that Jordan is Sam's brother, clue one is no longer valid.

Given that Sam cannot be the only son since he has a brother, Charlie's only son must be Alex. If Charlie's only son is Alex, then from clue two, it is clear that Jordan's sister is Charlie. Therefore all three are males, why Charlie is the only female.


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Answer to the riddle 3

The three brothers represent the hands on a clock (i.e., hour, minute, and second).