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Daily Joke: Man Who Feels Absolutely Terrible Visits His Doctor

Laura Beatham
Jun 18, 2021
03:00 P.M.
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Today's joke is about a man who visited the doctor because he was not feeling well. But, unfortunately, he did not receive the diagnosis he wanted.


A man who was not feeling very well thought it was all because of his lack of rest while working hard. But he started feeling worse until the pain became unbearable.

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He decided to finally visit his family doctor because he did not want to feel sick and tired. He was hoping the doctor would be able to treat his pain and cure him of all his ailments.

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The doctor ordered many different tests including a urine test, blood test, and X-rays. The next day, the doctor called the man back into her office to inform him of the result. She looked very worried.

She told the man, "Sir, I regret to have to tell you but you have a lot of different ailments, including psoriasis, toenail fungus, multiple sclerosis, aortic immobility, high bad cholesterol, low good cholesterol, gingivitis, and all the varieties of herpes."


"You also have diabetes type three and a half, upside down kidney syndrome, black lung, yellow fever, pinkeye, an excess of green bile, Dutch elm disease, impacted earwax, and something that we can only call cancer of everything."

The man was absolutely stunned. He asked the doctor, "Gosh, this sounds serious. Is all that fatal?" The doctor started to nod slowly. She was stunned that he was still alive. The man was worried, surely there were treatments he could take.


Upset, the man asked, "Well, come on, tell me the truth, how long do I have?" The doctor responded, "Well, I would say uh, maybe ten?" The man responded, " What do you mean, ten? Ten What?! Ten weeks? Or months? Or Days?"

The very sick man was getting very worried and scared about the situation and started hyperventilating. He had his hand on his chest, trying to calm down. The doctor then looked at his watch and said, "Eight... Seven... Six... Five."


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