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Bettina Dizon
Jun 24, 2021
08:00 P.M.
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Elijah's grown-up children kicked him out of the house after his wife passed away, leaving him to beg on the streets. However, his life turned around when he meet a stranger, who helped him to punish his kids.


When Elijah's wife passed away, he became very lonely and tried to get closer to his grown-up kids who lived with him. At first, they all lived in peace, but as time passed, his only son and daughter realized that taking care of Elijah was a burden.

So, they decided to put him in a retirement home. Elijah was already a senior and could not do much to contest with his children, so he obeyed. As soon as he got to the retirement home, he was poorly treated.

A man sleeping on the streets. | Source: Shutterstock


He was placed in an old darkroom with broken windows and was barely fed by the mean caretakers. After asking for a blanket, the nurse said, "No extra blankets here, old man. Just live with what you got."

"But the windows are broken, and it's quite chilly," Elijah replied, to which the nurse said, "Well, too bad. Your children placed you in the cheapest retirement home in the country. They must hate you to put you here."

Three months passed, yet Elijah's kids never visited or checked on him. Sadly, he was being fed minimal amounts and treated with no respect, so he decided to escape, hoping for a better life.

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For weeks, Elijah slept on the streets and begged for food. His weight rapidly depleted, and he experienced massive discrimination for his appearance. One day, the man entered a bakery and had all the customers looking and judging him.

"I hope he doesn't touch the bread," one person said out loud. "It looks like he hasn't showered in ages." As he proceeded to the cashier, Elijah quietly said, "Hello. Can I buy the cheapest bun you have, please?"

He brought out a few coins and added, "Will this be enough? Any bread will do." The cashier, Mia, felt sorry for the only man and asked him to keep his money. She pulled out a sub sandwich and a bottled drink and handed it to Elijah.


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"Please, sir. Take this for free, and here's another bottle of water," she said. The man was grateful and slowly walked away. As Mia's shift ended that evening, she saw the same man sitting on a bench outside.


She approached him and asked if everything was alright. "Actually, I have been homeless for some time," Elijah said. "I'll be fine here." Mia could not stand leaving the man out in the cold, so she invited her into her home.

"My daughter and I rent a small apartment nearby. Please come with us. You will get sick out here," she said. Elijah went into Mia's home and sat for a hot cup of coffee. While drinking, he opened up about his life and told her that his children kicked him out.

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"I must have been a bad father for them to hate me like this," he said. "No, this isn't right," Mia replied with tears in her eyes. "We're going to a lawyer tomorrow and get you back on your feet." The following morning, the two went to a public attorney for help.

It turned out that Elijah's children had no right to kick him out of his own house and continue using their parents' wealth without taking care of their father. With the right documents, Elijah went back to his home with Mia and kicked his children out.

"You will regret this old man," his daughter said, while his son added, "You should have died instead of mom." Elijah felt bad but knew that his children did not care nor love him. Besides, they were already adults who should live independently.


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"Mia, thank you so much for your help. Without you, I would die on the streets," he said. "This house is too big for an old man like me. You and your little girl should move in to save on rent."


Elijah also offered to take care of Mia's toddler while she was at work like a grandfather would. "Why did you help me?" he asked. Mia accepted the man's offer and immediately told the man her story.

"My parents died a few years ago, and I would do anything to have another day with them. I can't imagine leaving them out on the streets, so I couldn't watch it happen to you," she replied.

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Sometimes, strangers will help you more than the people you know

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