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Model Calls Out Police Inaction as Stalker Hides outside Her Window and Watches Her Sleep

Busayo Ogunjimi
Jun 24, 2021
07:00 A.M.
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A model has slammed police officers for their inaction after a stalker hid outside her window and watched her sleep. She blamed the police for doing nothing to protect her.


A 22-year-old model who recently graduated from Florida State University took to social media site TikTok to slam the police for doing nothing about a stalker who hid at her window to watch her sleep.

The Lithuanian-born model, Gustė Janušauskaitė, shared disturbing footage which showed a man outside her home peeping into her room as she slept.

Two police officers walking on the road | Photo: Pexels


The model revealed that the creepy stranger had a habit of stalking her at her window every Sunday. He would arrive at her home a few minutes after she returned.

The 22-year-old and her mother had reported the incident to police authorities, who advised her to keep her windows locked and did nothing about it. However, the incident has left the Florida resident to seek other ways to protect herself.


The young model and her mother finally caught the intruder after installing a security camera in their home. Janušauskaitė did not think it was important to get a doorbell camera in their safe community, but it became the best step to take at her mother's request.

The model revealed that she was thankful for her mother's intuition because the stalker was caught on the same day the camera was installed. Additionally, the 22-year-old observed that her stalker was well aware of her schedule.

The unnamed family is worried about their safety and only just moved into the apartment.


To help notify her of the stalker's arrival, Janušauskaitė set up a booby trap. She tied a rope between two trees outside her window, which would cause the intruder to trip and fall and alert her to his presence.

The young model complained of the security risk and threat to her life that having a stalker in her window posed. She remarked that he could have taken her out of her window since her bed was inches away from where he stood.


After returning home late, Janušauskaitė had a panic attack when she was alerted of the stranger's presence outside her window. The stalker calmly walked away from the scene the moment he was caught.

After the incident, the duo called the police, who did nothing but advised them to shut their blinds. As a result, the 22-year-old has changed location and is considering taking self-defense lessons.

Police car parked on the street | Photo: Pexels


The Florida-based model revealed that since the incident, she has begun carrying pepper spray and a knife in a bid to protect herself from stalkers and others not wanting to respect boundaries.

Stories of stalkers are getting higher every day amidst concerns for better security measures. In one story, a creepy intruder was caught on camera trying to climb a room where two sisters slept.

The unnamed family is worried about their safety and only just moved into the apartment. Police authorities are investigating the case, and no arrests have been yet.


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