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Daily Joke: Father Speaks to His Son before His 21st Birthday about the Peculiarities of His Family

Busayo Ogunjimi
Jul 07, 2021
10:30 A.M.
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A young adult was turning 21 in a month's time, but before then, his dad called him aside, telling him about a spectacular family trait that shows up at that age.


Frank was turning 21 in a month, and the youngster could not keep his excitement. However, his dad had surprising news for him about their family and the traits that show whenever a member of the family turns 21.

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Frank's dad explained that his family observed how many of the young adults got superpowers at that age. Frank was doubtful at first, but his dad proved his points by citing examples.

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Frank's dad explained that his father discovered he could walk on water when he turned 21. He added that his oldest brother, Uncle George, observed the exact change when he also turned 21.

The man further explained that he found out he could walk on water at 21. He noted that Frank's older brothers also had the same experience at that age. Frank was so excited and couldn't wait to walk on water too.

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One month passed, and his big day arrived. Frank and his family members celebrated him before everyone got on a boat, all wading to the center of the sea. When they got there, Frank excitedly jumped down and stepped into the water.

But to his dismay, he sank into the water, arms flailing as he fought the waves. His family members quickly swung to action, hauling him up the boat. Frank was sad about this and he wanted to know what went wrong.

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His father looked at him, trying to soothe the young man. He mused for a moment and answered his son's question: "Come to think of it, it may be because all our birthdays are in February, but yours is in July…."

Here's another joke about a young boy named Sam who turned 18 and was excited to be of legal age. Because Sam lived in the UK, he was now allowed to buy and drink alcohol.

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He happily walked into a bar and inquired about the drinks. The bar attendant was at Sam's service, ready to answer all his questions. After ordering, the lady advised that he should start with a drink with minimal alcohol.

Sam declined, opting for something stronger. The lady enumerated all the strong spirits and rums. But after Sam weighed his options, he concluded that those were too strong.

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By now, the attendant was frustrated. Sam noted that he wanted a drink that was in between and not too strong. The lady replied: "Jesus! You men are so indecisive, aren't you? Sam was shocked and said: "Well, I'm not sure about that."

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