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Daily Joke: Turtle Chooses the Funniest Animal to Entertain the Lion

Busayo Ogunjimi
Jul 07, 2021
05:00 P.M.
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The Zebra came up with a plan to select the funniest animal to entertain the Lion on his birthday. The plan backfired thanks to one bad move.


The Lion, who was king of the animal kingdom, wanted to celebrate his upcoming anniversary in the most remarkable way. He enlisted his trusted stalwart, the Zebra, to make the dream birthday a success.

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He gave out orders to the Zebra, asking him to find the funniest animal in the kingdom to take care of entertaining him on D-day. Tasked with such a great matter, the Zebra decided to organize a competition among all the animals.

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As per the rules, all invited animals were expected to perform in front of a selected judge. Anyone who could make the judge laugh would emerge as the winner and ultimately entertain the king on his birthday.

After careful consideration, the Zebra approached the turtle, deemed as the most serious animal, and asked him to serve as the judge at the event. Sensing the turtle's hesitation, the Zebra quickly chipped in:

"All you have to do is sit there and laugh if you find an animal to be funny. Will you do it?"


"Yes…," came the turtle's slow-pitched reply. The day of the competition finally came, and the turtle took his seat on the judge's table. Feeling desperate to please the king, the Zebra decided to raise the stakes as a means of ensuring everyone gave their best. He announced:

"Animals, your goal is to make the turtle laugh. If you are able to do so you win and perform for the Lion. Otherwise, you will be killed and become the Lion's meal."

After making the announcement, he declared the competition open. The monkey was the first to perform, jumping from tree to tree and flipping on his tail while making funny noises.


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The Zebra was visibly impressed and looked to the turtle for approval. Upon getting no reply, he assumed the judge was not pleased. At this, he ordered the monkey's death.

Next came the Ostrich, who ran around in circles while rotating his long neck, among other funny moves that left the Zebra worn out with laughter.


After the humorous performance, the Zebra looked to the turtle, who again gave no reply. His enthusiasm slowly faded as he ordered the Ostrich killed.

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Several animals showed up to perform, all failing to trigger the turtle's laughter. As a result, many of the funniest animals in the kingdom met their untimely demise in compliance with the Zebra's rule.

The Zebra soon became worried that no one would be left for the Lion's party. The hippopotamus stepped up next, sparking an uproar as everyone knew he could not be funny even if he tried. Without giving him a chance to perform, the Zebra ordered for the hippopotamus to be put to death.


Just then, the turtle burst out laughing, rolling on his back as he did so, which spurred everyone's attention. Bewildered, the Zebra questioned the judge, saying:

"Hey, what's so funny? He hasn't done anything. He is literally just standing there!"

The turtle responded amid strings of chuckles: "Wow! That monkey was hilarious!"

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