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Daily Joke: Lonely Farmer Who Has a Mule Marries a Woman

Ayesha Muhammad
Jul 09, 2021
07:30 A.M.
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Everyone wants to find their happily-ever-after with a special someone. Surprisingly enough, lonely people can sometimes get tired of their solitude and crave a partner more than anything else.


The farmer in this joke experienced the same feelings of wistfulness and longed to be married. One day, he got a mule and buggy and went off searching for the woman of his dreams. When the farmer had ridden for 20 miles into town, he came across a woman.

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It seemed like the farmer's efforts had finally paid off, so he stopped to talk to the lady. After a little talking, he confessed his feelings for the fair maiden, and the two decided to get married.

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The farmer then took the woman to the courthouse, where they both said their vows and were happily married. After signing the wedding papers, the newlywed couple embarked upon their journey to head home. However, something unexpected happened to the couple.

The ride back home was so long that the mule was exhausted and couldn't pull the buggy anymore. This upset the farmer, who tried his best to get the mule going, but his efforts went in vain. Eventually, the farmer remarked by saying, "That's one."

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After resting for some time, the mule was active enough to pull the buggy again. The newly married couple continued on their journey, but it was soon interrupted. Once again, the mule had become so exhausted that he couldn't travel any further.

The farmer's marital joy was once again destroyed by the weary mule, and he couldn't take it any longer. In response to the mule's lethargic behavior, the farmer was quick to answer, "That's two."


After resting for a while, the mule started pulling the buggy again. The couple resumed their ride back home until their journey was brought to a halt by the mule's weariness. The farmer heaved a sigh and passed another remark for the tired mule, "That's three."

He then took out his gun and shot the mule, who died on the spot. The farmer's wife witnessed his brutal act and was utterly disgusted by him. She couldn't believe what her husband had just done and shared her sheer dislike for his bad behavior:

"I can't believe what you just did! That poor, tired animal! How could you be so cold and heartless! I can't believe I married such a piece of work!"

Upon hearing his new wife's remarks, the farmer looked at her and said, "That's one."

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