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Daily Joke: Father Puts Three Sons to the Test to Decide Who Gets Promoted in His Company

Laura Beatham
Jul 11, 2021
03:30 P.M.
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Today's joke is about a mine owner who wanted to test his three sons to see who deserved a promotion in the company.


‌‌A mining company boss was trying to figure out which one of his three sons should be promoted so he gave them a test. The father sat them down and explained the idea behind the test.

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He said, "One day there will be a time in this company when you will be hit with a sudden economic crisis. When that time comes, you must know how to cut down expenses and do your best with a smaller budget."

A mine tunnel. | Photo" Pixabay/hangela


The mining boss then gave each of his sons $1,000 and told them he would be back at the mine in a week to see which of them moved the most ore with their money.

After a week, he returned to check up on his son. He first approached his oldest son and asked, "How much digging did you do?" The son responded, "I moved three tons of ore, father."


He explained, "I used $100 to buy a broken digger. Then I used a business contact to find a mechanic who would fix it for only $200 if I gave his five kids a job.

"The youth are so desperate for a job and work experience they would even do a 12-hour shift for an internship. So I only had to pay them $100 each for the week."

The father proudly patted his son on the back. He then found his middle child and asked him the same question. The middle son said, "I moved 10 tons of ore."


He explained, "I used $100 to run an ad asking for workers in the local newspaper. 75 undocumented immigrants, who had their own tools and shovels showed up. They were so worried about being caught by immigration that they were willing to work for half of the minimum wage."

The father looked at his son skeptically for a while but noticed the massive piles of ore being carried out by the workers. So he gave his son a nod and moved on to his youngest son. "How much mining did you do, son?" asked the father.


The son said, "I moved 35 tons of ore, and I did not have to touch any of the money.

The father was amazed, and with his jaw dropped, he asked, "How on earth were you able to move 35 tons of ore for free?!" The son smiled and then explained how he did it.

"I Invited a load of conspiracy theorists. They kept digging deeper and deeper, thinking they would find something. Every time I‌‌ told them to take a‌‌ break, they accused me of trying to withhold the truth from them!"