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The Express: ‘Modern King’ Prince William to Take ‘Inspiration from Queen’ Not Prince Charles When He Ascends the Throne

Esther NJeri
Jul 12, 2021
12:30 P.M.
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Prince William, who has been second in line of succession to the British throne since birth, finds inspiration in how the Queen handles the throne, but even with that, he will be a modern king, unlike the Queen.


Prince William, who is set to ascend the throne after his father Charles, considers the Queen one of his greatest inspirations in matters of the throne and will follow in the Queen's footsteps, rather than those of his father, Charles.

Royal experts say that despite following in the Queen's footsteps, the duo will likely ditch some of Prince Phillip's and Queen Elizabeth's practices when they ascend the throne.

Prince William, and Catherine attend the Wimbledon Tennis Championships at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club on July 10, 2021 in London, England. | Source: Getty Images


Angela Levin, a royal expert, commends William and Kate for being accessible to the public, saying that was what Princess Diana's legacy was always about. He adds that Diana was always demonstrative, and when she wanted to hug her boys, she would.

Another royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams says that the monarchy is bound to change as society changes. Still, even then, the Royal Family will maintain the mystique that comes with the throne. He adds:

"I don't think you could find a better inspiration, it wouldn't be possible."


Prince William has been preparing himself for his role as king by seeking inspiration from his grandmother, the Queen. William has even been accompanying the Queen on her trips, since the death of Prince Phillip.

Despite his brother Harry saying that William is trapped in the royal family, he intends to stay and await his turn on the throne, and he's been making moves to prepare for his time.


Royal biographer Penny Junor says that William is taking his role as future king seriously and is prioritizing his responsibility to the throne. William has spoken on how much he admires the Queen and how lucky he is to look up to her.

The video indicates that a more informal ruling style will be expected from the two when they ascend the throne.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, in an Instagram video posted online, seem to give the people a sneak peek of how their rule will be. The video shows the family of five outside at a nearby beach.


It also shows the future king and queen chasing after their children, while another part of the video shows the family roasting marshmallows over a bonfire. The video was posted in celebration of their 10th wedding anniversary.

The carefree attitude of the royals in the video indicates that a more informal ruling style will be expected from the two when they ascend the throne. Fitzwilliam says of the video:

"Both of them were superb portraits of a couple who are clearly blissfully happy, both with each other and in their roles."


Mums all over the country will easily identify with the joys of running and having fun with their kids at the beach, in the countryside, and in the garden, which is bound to help the two relate better to the public.

Fans flocked to social media to commend the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for their humble and warm approach to the BBC documentary released earlier this year. Fans seem to relate more to the Cambridges than they did to the Sussex documentary.


William and Kate showed a playful side of them, and their light-hearted banter was more relatable to the viewers, with one fan tweeting that that was how to do a royal documentary. They had done a good job showcasing their respect for people and charity.

Others claimed that the documentary showed nothing but teamwork, love, happiness, and warmth. Fans also praised William and Kate for being graceful in their congratulatory message to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex after they welcomed their second baby, Lilibet.


William and Kate posted on their Instagram page that they were delighted at the news of the newborn, and fans felt that it was a class act and that they did take the high ground by overlooking their differences and appreciating the Sussex's milestone.

Fans also praised Prince William when he posted a photo of himself getting the COVID-19 vaccine, saying that he looked well-toned and buff. Another fan thanked the prince for waiting their turn to get the jab, while they could've insisted on getting it earlier.