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Daily Joke: Couple in Love Decided to Prove Their Feelings

Laura Beatham
Jul 17, 2021
05:00 P.M.
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Being in a relationship can be hard work. These three jokes about relationships will have you laughing out loud and perhaps leave you thinking about your own relationship!


Once upon a time, a couple were deeply and madly in love. They decided that they wanted to express their love for one another. So they thought about a big romantic gesture they could do for each other.

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They decided that they would jump off a cliff together holding hands as they believed it would show the world that their love was bigger than life itself. So the couple got all their affairs in order and headed to a cliff.

A couple on a cliff at sunset. | Pixabay/alberto uganelli


Hand in hand, the couple walked to the edge of the cliff. They decided that they would close their eyes and then jump. Without hesitation, the man closed his eyes and jumped. However, at the last minute, the woman opened her eyes. She looked down the cliff and was too frightened to jump.

The last thing the man saw was his wife stumbling backward in fear, and he felt betrayed and cheated. From then on, it has always been ladies first.



A man was celebrating his first anniversary with his girlfriend. Being a big romantic person, he thought of an elaborate plan to celebrate her. He prepared for a perfect evening.

He planned that a fancy car would arrive outside her home at 7 pm sharp. He also set up a lovely meal at a fine dining restaurant as well as a moonlit walk on the beach.

After the evening was finished, he asked his girlfriend if she enjoyed the special anniversary date. She told him, "Well, it would have been much better if we did it together."





had a long and peaceful marriage. They rarely ever argued and also seemed to be happy and loving towards each other. The husband's friends were amazed and wanted to know his secret.

So one day, they asked him, "Your wife is so peaceful and happy, and you two never fight. How do you do it?" The husband responded, "Well, she handles all the small issues and decisions, and I handle all the big ones."


He continued, "For example, she decides what car and house we buy, what to name our children, what school they should go to, and where we should go for vacation."

"Okay, but what is left for you?!" shouted the husband's friends.

The husband responded, "I said I handle all the big issues like the war, global warming, environmental issues and pollution, the hole in the ozone layer, and so on!"