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Mother Leaves Her Family for Another Man, Life Teaches Her a Lesson - Story of the Day

Sonali Bharadwaj
Jul 20, 2021
10:00 A.M.
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A greedy woman abandoned her son and husband for a wealthy man. But karma soon caught up with her, and one day she returned to her old family.


Kevin was only nine years old when his mom, Clara, left their household. His father worked as a repairman in a housing company, but it paid him peanuts, and the family was struggling to make ends meet.

Clara was tired of the poor lifestyle. She wanted a comfortable life and a caring husband who’d fulfill all her demands. So, she began going out with other men. Not long after, she met a man who she believed could give her a better life. They expressed their sentiments soon, and Clara packed all her belongings and left to begin a new life with the man of her dreams.

From then on, Kevin hated her and openly said that he no longer considered Clara as his mother. Unfortunately, Clara’s life with her new husband was far from what she had imagined.


Clara packed all her belongings and left to begin her new life with her new husband | Photo: Shutterstock

The so-called Romeo turned out to be an abuser and divorced her only a year after their marriage. Clara was out on the streets now, begging for money so she could have at least one meal a day.


Then, one day, while she was begging near the signal stop, she passed out. She hadn’t had food in days, and her body gave way. Some people rushed her to the hospital, and her life was saved, but then came a piece of dreadful news. The doctor told her she only had three months to live.

At this point, Clara just had one wish—she wanted to see her son again. She wanted to hug him and apologize to him for being selfish and abandoning him.

So, one day, Clara visited her old family. Her ex-husband, James, opened the door.

Clara wanted to make amends with her husband and son, so she paid them a visit one day | Photo: Pexels


“Clara? What happened to you?” he asked her in a concerned tone. “Why do you look so pale?”

Yes, Clara was the same woman who had abandoned him and their son. But James was a nice man, and he couldn’t stand seeing his wife in such a state. He welcomed her into his home and offered her tea.

“That man...,” Clara stammered as she clutched the cup tightly in her hands. “He divorced me and left me on the streets to die. I realize now that leaving you and Kevin was the biggest mistake of my life. I want to apologize to both of you, especially Kevin.”

“I’m sorry, but that’s not possible, Clara. Kevin hates you. If he sees you here or anywhere around the house, he’ll be furious,” James explained.


Clara just wanted to see Kevin once and apologize to him | Photo: Pexels

Clara’s eyes welled up with tears. “I understand James, but he’s my son. Please let me see him once! I just want to apologize to him.”


James looked at her sympathetically. “Clara, please try and understand. Kevin isn’t going to listen to you, and there’s a good possibility he’ll lash out. I’m sure you don’t want that to happen. It’ll only make things worse.”

“Please, James...” Clara spoke forward, her voice trembling. “I don’t have much time. Please consider this as my last wish!”

“Last wish?!” James was stunned. “What’s wrong, Clara? What are you trying to hide?”

James was worried about Clara | Photo: Pexels


“It’s just that...I only have a few months to live. Even if I start treatment, the doctor believes I’ll be able to live for five months at the max. So, before I die, I want to apologize to Kevin.”

James couldn’t believe what he was hearing! “Clara...I mean...how did this happen?”

“Let’s leave that for now, James, and please convince him to meet his mother for once. Please, do this for me. I’m requesting you.”

James was confused. He didn’t know what to say. On the one hand, his wife was dying and had only a few months to live, and on the other was their son, Kevin, who hated his mom.


James couldn't sleep that night. He kept trying to come up with a solution, but in the end, he couldn't think of anything else but allowing James and Clara to meet.

After much contemplation, James decided to let Kevin and Clara meet | Photo: Pexels


The next day, when Kevin arrived from school, Clara greeted him at the dining table. When Kevin saw her, his anger knew no limits. He yelled at the top of his voice, “What the hell is she doing here, dad?”

Before James could say anything, Clara intervened. “Please forgive me, Kevin,” she said and clutched her son’s hand. “I know I’ve been a terrible mother, but please give me one chance.”

Kevin shrugged his hand out of hers. “Oh really? And what makes you think I’ll do that? You left us for a wealthy man, right? Why don’t you just go back to him?”

“I think God punished me for what I did, Kevin,” Clara said in a low voice.


Kevin gave her a stern glance. “You know what, I’m not interested in your stories. I know they are fake. So just leave,” he said and continued to walk away.

Kevin lashed out at Clara | Photo: Pexels


Clara cried out. “I’m dying, Kevin. I only have three months to live...at the max...five.”

Kevin immediately turned to her. “Do you really think this emotional trick is going to work? I’m sorry, but you should have thought of a better excuse.”

At this point, James stepped in. “She’s not lying, Kevin,” he stated solemnly. “I met the doctor in person. If you don’t believe me, I can show you the medical report.”

Kevin’s anger dissipated after listening to his father. “Are you serious, dad? I mean..is she really...” James nodded his head.

“This was not how I had anticipated I’d be apologizing, but when I was told about my disease, I couldn’t help but see you,” Clara added. “I know what I did can’t be fixed, but I want you to forgive your mom, Kevin.”


Clara cried and tried explaining to Kevin why she wanted him to forgive her | Photo: Pexels

Kevin took a deep breath and sat down beside Clara. “I forgive you,” he said. “But I won’t be able to call you mom. It’s not so easy for me. And I don’t want to pretend to love you.”


“That’s okay, Kevin. I’m glad you at least forgave me.” Clara said. “I can die in peace now.”

Five months later, Clara left them for her heavenly abode. Kevin eventually accepted his fate and slowly gave up his hatred for his mother.

He now pays a visit to her grave every year on her death anniversary with flowers and a greeting card that reads, “I wish we had spent more time together, mom. With love, Kevin.”

What can we learn from this story?

  • Time heals everything. As time passed, Kevin gave up his hatred and accepted his fate.
  • Everything that glitters is not gold. Clara left her husband and son for a wealthy man thinking that she'd have a better life. But he turned out to be a prick and left her homeless.

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