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Fans Praise Todd Chrisley for His Candid Reply to Troubled Son Kyle, Who Betrayed & Put Him through Tax Controvercy

Joe Akins
Jul 20, 2021
05:00 A.M.
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Todd Chrisley’s eldest son Kyle and the reality show businessman have seen an improvement in their relationship following their reconciliation, and Kyle is grateful for the love and forgiveness.


“Chrisley Knows Best” is one of the most successful reality shows in recent years with a strong fan base. The show is centered on the life and family of real estate mogul Todd Chrisley and his family.

While the show mirrors the luxurious lives of the Chrisleys, it did not hide the pains and ugly scenes the family had to endure, especially Todd’s eldest son, Kyle’s challenges with drug addiction.

Faye, Chase, Todd, Savannah, Chloe, Julie, and Grayson Chrisley in a season 8 "Chrisley Knows Best" promo image | Photo: Getty Images



Another story fans have witnessed over the years is the relationship between Todd and his young son. Over the years, the duo fell apart and saw their relationship decline to the lowest.

After Kyle took his recovery seriously, he made attempts to repair his relationship with his dad, who quickly forgave him and welcomed him home with open arms.


Recently, Kyle has been counting his blessings and took to his Instagram to pen a touching tribute to his dad, recalling their moments and confessing his gratitude for being welcomed with open arms.

The 29-year-old shared a throwback picture of him as a young boy with his famous dad and, in the comment section, poured out his sincere tribute to the 51-year-old real estate mogul.


According to Kyle, it took songs from the old country radio and George Strait’s song “Love Without End, Amen” to help him realize how much love and forgiveness has been given to him.

The songs reminded the father of one of how much his father has been there for him despite how much stress and public disgrace he had put him through.


Kyle added that despite his faults, he was sure of his father’s guidance. He wrote, “I couldn’t help but think about everything my daddy has done for me despite everything I’ve put him through." Kyle continued:

"No matter my wrongs, he’s there to guide and help me through. @toddchrisley, I love you so much...”



Shortly after the post was shared, Todd was proud to see it and penned a touching response to his revived son. Todd praised Kyle in his response, confessing his love and commitment to the 29-year-old.

He gushed over his pride for his son’s progress, adding that he is bound to get better with prayer and hard work. The proud father wrote:

“I will always love you to the moon and back son, your past doesn’t define your future, and your future belongs to the Lord.”



Todd’s response quickly sparked a series of touching responses from his followers, who found his response not only lovely but heartwarming. One fan noted that response was touching and left him in tears, while another follower wrote:

“@Toddchrisley, you are the best daddy.”

Todd’s response left a fan wishing for a hangout with the reality star. The fan joked that Todd was his new best friend. Another impressed fan wrote, “@Todchrisley very well said, so proud of you, Kyle.”

Todd Chrisley's heartwarming response to his son, Kyle Chrisley's sincere post. | Photo: Instagram/kyle.chrisley



Fans who know the history between Kyle and his family understand why the post is special and inspiring. Kyle was said to have helped authorities build a case against Todd at the height of their feud by supplying information used to charge him for tax fraud.

At that time, Todd had blasted his estranged daughter Lindsie, who he accused of tipping off the authorities, but all the while, it was Kyle and his ex-wife.

Some fans' comments on Kyle Chrisley's post on Instagram | Photo: Instagram/kyle.chrisley


Kyle recently made an appearance on the family show, and it was obvious he was sorry for the pain he had caused his famous family.

Reconciling with his family for Kyle meant he had a chance to build a relationship with his daughter Chloe who has been living with Todd since she was a little girl.

Chloe has adjusted well into life as a regular cast and has quickly become a fan favorite. Sometimes, the 8-year-old becomes the subject of attack and hateful comments from ignorant fans, but her grandfather is always there to rescue her.

Some fans' comments on Kyle Chrisley's post on Instagram | Photo: Instagram/kyle.chrisley

Last year, the real estate mogul blasted fans for their racist comments towards his biracial granddaughter. Todd’s action was greatly praised by his fans and viewers, who applauded him for being a hero to his little girl.


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