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Brandy's Ex Big Bert Has New Family – Meet Sy'Rai Smith's Step-Mom and Half-Siblings

Oyin Balogun
Aug 02, 2021
07:50 A.M.
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Brandy and Big Bert had a steamy romance for a couple of years; however, at the time they lied about being married. Years after their charade was exposed, Big Bert has moved on with a family of his own.


Robert Smith, aka Big Bert, is a famous American singer, songwriter, and record producer who dated famous singer Brandy at a time when her career was blossoming. Like every celebrity who passed through the "fame stage," Brandy was very particular about having a good public image.

How people saw her was so important at the time that when she got pregnant with her daughter, she had Robert join her in a calculated attempt to fool the public; they decided to fake their marriage.

Brandy Norwood at Langham Hotel on January 6, 2016 | Photo: Getty Images


They kept the facade up for some time, but it ultimately ended after their relationship broke apart. Brandy would have most likely preferred that the world never knew, but Robert thought differently, and Brandy was not happy about it.

Regardless, the two have worked on their issues and maintained a cordial relationship for the benefit of their daughter Sy'Rai Smith. They moved on with their respective lives, and Robert now has an adorable family to dote on.


Robert has a wife named Xochitl Jacques-Smith, and together they share four children, all of whom share a great relationship with their half-sister Sy'Rai. Very recently, Xochitl Jacques-Smith took to her Instagram page to share a picture that showed her daughters with Sy'Rai.

They all looked beautiful; Robert's girls all sported the same kind of hairdo and their similar facial features were evident as they posed with their half-sister. That is not all, Brandy's daughter also shares a great relationship with her stepmother.



Robert and his wife Xochitl have been married for quite a while and for him, it was love at first sight. The day they met, Robert told Xochitl to start planning their wedding. Despite his hasty declaration, the two lovebirds dated for about nine years before going on to tie the knot.

The two share a deep connection forged over the years thanks to Brandy's approach to parenting.


Right before they got married, Robert mentioned he was seeing a woman in an interview. During the interview, he also stated that he and Brandy were never married.

Apparently, Robert had been with Xochitl at the time Brandy was pregnant with Sy'Rai, although they were taking a break at the time.

Years have since passed and Xochitl clearly harbors a deep love for her man, as evident by a tribute she dedicated to him last year in celebration of their anniversary.



Whatever their faults may be, Robert and Brandy have been great parents to their daughter. They are often on the same page wherever Sy'Rai; this was so when they made the joint decision to keep her childhood as normal as possible by keeping her away from the spotlight.

What they didn't know was that their child might have been born for the stage. Sy'Rai seems to possess her mother's musical talents and has been putting them to good use.


She released her debut single in early 2020, and fans loved it. Many believe she sounds just like her mother and may create a musical legacy the world will never forget. These days though, Sy'Rai has been focusing on losing some pounds, and the results are mind-blowing.

She revealed her new look in a Tiktok video that got reposted by her mother, who expressed pride in how far she has come. The two share a deep connection forged over the years thanks to Brandy's approach to parenting.

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