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Wife Reveals Shopping List She Makes for Her Husband and Sparks a Debate

Dayna Remus
Aug 26, 2021
08:20 A.M.
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A wife was simply sharing a light-hearted video when all of a sudden, it exploded into a debate surrounding sexism and racism. Nobody was holding back!


Unaware that she would light up a heated dialogue, a wife who goes by Adam x Melinda shared a facetious post of herself on TikTok making a fake shopping list for her husband. The list went into intensive detail.

The TikToker, whose username is @adamxmelinda, included the product names, pictures of these items, how many her spouse should buy, the aisle, and the relevant pricing.

TikToker Adam x Melinda drawing out a shopping list for her husband [left]; TikToker Adam x Melinda drawing out a map of a store for her husband [right]. | Source: tiktok.com/adamxmelinda


The TikTok user also included clips of drawing her husband a whole store map, assumably so he wouldn't get lost. Adam x Melinda's description read:

"Who can relate? 🤣"

Many viewers did resonate with her clip, sharing less extreme stories of the one she acted out. One individual in the comment section wanted to make sure that the video was not real, to which Adam x Melinda affirmed that it was, indeed, fake.

Individual commenting on a TikTok post by Adam x Melinda. | Source: tiktok.com/adamxmelinda


Although many realized that it was all in jest, one or two had some issues with the post. TikTok user Lili Prins remarked:

"I know it's a joke but after seeing all these tiktok on husbands/dad you have to realise that the bar for them is so low..."

One TikToker @notwildlin passionately agreed with this sentiment. They stitched this original clip from Adam x Melinda, bringing up an issue referred to as weaponized incompetence.


This concept was defined as a male partner acting as though they can't perform tasks properly to avoid work that the wife must now take on. The TikToker explained that this leads to men being praised for doing basic household tasks.

In tears, Bailey alleged that the incident would not have played out as it did if she were white.

The notion was applied not only to gender but also to race. The TikTok user claimed that white individuals benefit from societally accepted mediocrity while other races have to work incredibly hard to be seen in the same light.


An incident that echoes this sentiment that non-caucasian races are generally treated differently from white individuals happened when an African American woman was suspected of trafficking a caucasian girl at Dallas Airport. The girl was her sister.

21-year-old African American Lakeyjanay Bailey landed at Dallas Fort Worth, where officers waited for her, interrogating her publicly. This state of affairs occurred after a lady on the plane reported what she saw as a mistrustful situation.

In tears, Bailey alleged that the incident would not have played out as it did if she were white. These conversations surrounding race and gender are always challenging, but the internet doesn't shy away from them.


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