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Real Life Feud Between ‘Dynasty’ Actors - On-Screen Wife Joan Collins and Husband Michael Nader

Esther NJeri
Aug 26, 2021
06:00 P.M.
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Joan Collins acted in the hit show Dynasty alongside her on-set husband Farnsworth "Dex" Dexter, played by Michael Nader, but despite their roles as husband and wife, they never seemed to get along.


When Dynasty premiered on our screens in 1981, the reception was anything but good. Until Joan Collins joined the set, and it completely turned around.

Despite joining the show in its second season, Collins, who played Alexis Carrington, became one of the most paid actresses, thanks to her exaggerated catfights and mean demeanor and comments.

Joan Collins with her "Dynasty" co-star Michael Nader | Source: Getty Images


Their feud began after Nader made inappropriate remarks in an interview they'd taken together years earlier, but this stuck with Collins. Despite the years passing by, she held on to the grudge.

Nader was reported to constantly throw jibes at Collins and criticize her for earning more than anyone else on the show. According to Daily Mail, Nader once said to Collins:

"'Real' actors are out on the set working on their lines while the 'superstars' sit in their trailers 'eating caviar and sipping champagne.'"


A source reported that the two always seemed to be clashing about something. And this feud would go on to last over four decades.

Collins says the fact that she'd come from England and saved the show, which at the time was on the verge of getting canceled, was the beginning of the animosity against her.

And years after the show had long ended, the cast met up for a "Dynasty: The Reunion" shoot. It was then that many recognized just how deep Collin and Nader's feud ran. She made it known that she would not be featured in the reunion if Nader was going.


Despite their decades-long feud, Collins took to her Instagram to pay tribute to Nader.

And so Michael Levitt, the Executive producer, chose not to include Nader, citing that Collins was too important a part of the show to miss out.

And while Collins' career hit the roof, Nader's took a nose-dive. His woes began with getting fired from a soap opera he'd been a part of for years after he was found in possession of cocaine.


Nader, however, admitted to having started using marijuana at only 15. He was committed to sobriety and had managed to go 17 years without drugs. CNN reports Nader to have spoken to Larry King in an interview, saying:

"The basic time that I was in the limelight of this profession was sober and clean behavior."

Now, at 76, and only ten days after he was diagnosed with cancer, Nader has passed on. The announcement was made on Facebook by his wife, citing her agony over the actor's sudden death.

Despite their decades-long feud, Collins took to her Instagram to pay tribute to Nader. She reminisced over their days acting as husband and wife, adding that his character was a mixture of tender and tough.

Fans also joined in the tribute, reminding Collins that they had made a wonderful on-screen couple and sending their condolences to Nader's family.


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