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Woman Shares the Trick She Used against Stranger Who Tried to Get Her into His Car

Brittany Chalmers
Sep 12, 2021
11:30 A.M.
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When a woman visited a dental hospital, she encountered a stranger who placed her in an uncomfortable situation. Thankfully she thought on her feet and alerted someone to assist her.


Andrea Elena didn't expect a stranger to approach her this month while waiting in line at a dental hospital in Melbourne, Australia. Her unpleasant experience led her to share a helpful tip with her online community.

The registered nurse shared a TikTok video in which she described how a man she didn't know came up to her and started chatting. She suspected that he saw she arrived in an Uber, so he offered to give her a ride home.

A woman was approached by a stranger while waiting in line at the dentist and he tried to give her a lift before dental staff assisted her | Photo: TikTok/andreaelena66



Elena, who was in her work outfit, explained that the man asked her where she was from, where she lived and where she worked. She said: "I was waiting in the reception at the dentist's and a man came up to me and started asking me questions."

Elena chose to speak up because she wanted to warn others. The TikToker said: "This is a tip for all the girls and guys. If you are in an uncomfortable situation, use your notes."

Netizens respond to a woman who was approached by a disconcerting stranger while she was waiting in line at the dentist | Photo: TikTok/andreaelena66



She used the Notes section of her phone to alert the reception staff about what was happening. The note said: "The man behind me tried to get me to go into his car."

The receptionist kept Elena safe and went above and beyond to ensure the TikToker got home without any hassles.

She shared more details online and said that the man told her he would take her home and would not take no for an answer. She added: “I said, ‘No,’ he said, ‘No, I will take you home, I drove here.’”

Commenters react to a woman who shared that a receptionist helped her when a stranger was harassing her while she was at the dentist | Photo: TikTok/andreaelena66



Thankfully, the dental staff acted quickly and discreetly to get the TikToker away from the stranger and out of harm's way. The receptionist kept Elena safe and went above and beyond to ensure the TikToker got home without any hassles.

Elena stated:

“Reception alerted security, security escorted me to my appointment, then the dentist provided me a free lift home with a cab voucher. Security escorted me to the cab and made sure I was completely safe.”



The TikToker praised the “amazing” dental hospital for its care and genuine concern. Many netizens thanked her for the tip. Someone said: "This is actually so smart. I hope I never have to use this, but if I'm in a similar situation, I definitely will."

Another echoed this sentiment and said: "Great idea! Hope you are okay." Someone expressed that the man might really have been trying to help her out with a ride, but users quickly shut them down and said: "Yeah, ha, no."


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