Man Who Harassed Women on a Beach for Their Swimwear Is Fired from His Employer's Company

Brittany Chalmers
Sep 16, 2021
03:30 A.M.

This month a man berated a group of women who were trying to have a fun beach day. After the video of his behavior went viral, he was fired from his job.


Videos uploaded by@ggarbagefairy chronicled an incident that took place when a man approached a group of women because of their "inappropriate" swimsuit attire.

With millions of views and thousands of comments, the videos had severe repercussions for the man, who was later identified as Logan Dorn.

A man and woman shame a group of girls for wearing bikinis at the beach | Photo: TikTok/ggarbagefairy

A man and woman shame a group of girls for wearing bikinis at the beach | Photo: TikTok/ggarbagefairy


In the first video, one of the women asked the man: "please leave us alone." He did not listen to their request and continued to condemn their outfits.

The woman explained that she was at the beach in a bathing suit, to which he responded: "that's a thong, and that's a bra." The heated encounter went back and forth as the man scolded them and asked them to cover up.



He expressed that they were not wearing modest clothing and stated that he needed to say something because he was a "man of God." In the second part of the video, he was still calling them out for “showing off their bodies.”

When a woman asked him which type of bathing suit he would condone at the beach, he said: “A one-piece or a two-piece that actually covers your body.”



The women were upset by the encounter and continued to ask him to leave them alone so they could enjoy their day without him. Eventually, he walked away but not before someone else decided to join in on the conversation.

A random woman who had been listening to the conversation unexpectedly chimed in and sided with the man. She shamed the women and said: “It does matter what you wear because you need to value yourself.”



In a third video uploaded by the TikToker, she cleared up some of the questions viewers had. Along with a friend, they shared what they were wearing and attached a photo to prove they were dressed in normal beachwear.

After Dorn was identified, his employer took to Facebook to inform the public that he had been fired. They added: "Mighty Hand Construction does not condone Logan’s behavior in the videos."



Dorn also shared his own reaction video recently. In the clip, he apologizes to the women for harassing them. However, the damage was already done, according to many netizens who called him out online.

Commenters were quick to offer their opinions. One user wrote: "He's angry that beautiful women exist, and he feels intimidated, so he has to punish you for it." Another added that they loved how all of the women stood up for themselves.

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