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Girl Shares Impossibly Strict Guidelines Her Ex-boyfriend Wanted Her to Follow

Lois Oladejo
Sep 20, 2021
08:30 P.M.
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A TikTok user slowly immortalized herself as an icon of people in abusive relationships after sharing the unreasonable rules laid out by her ex-boyfriend before she headed off to college.


A woman, @ccarollynn, has gone viral on social media since posting a video of herself listing out all her controlling ex-boyfriend's strict guidelines. Her funny approach to reading out the rules with a hint of sarcasm earned her more views than she anticipated.

Taking to the video-sharing platform, Carolyn posted a screenshot of the guidelines titled "rules for Carolyn," which comprised at least eleven list items.

Girl who complained about her abusive ex on TikTok. | Photo: tiktok.com/ccarollynn

Girl who complained about her abusive ex on TikTok. | Photo: tiktok.com/ccarollynn


She proceeded to read out each rule, one at a time, analyze them, and leave a sarcastic comment to make it seem hilarious. But her caption clearly suggested her video was no joke. She wrote:

"I wish I was joking."

The list contained impossibly strict rules Carolyn's ex-boyfriend wrote out and expected her to follow throughout her stay in college. The first rule was a reminder for Carolyn not to ignore him after reading the rule outline.


For her commentary, Carolyn pointed out that since he already listed that out, he obviously knew what to expect. The second rule warned the woman never to turn off her location, so he could always know where she was.

Rules like gaining approval from him and his mom before donning any outfit, avoiding guys that are 25 and above, avoiding drinking, frat parties, dorm parties, and crop tops followed on the list.

The seventh rule on the list was the deal-breaker, warning the then-college freshman to return to her dorm room before 9 pm every night.


More hilarious mentions include, "no comparing hand sizes with other boys, hugging, kissing, etc.," and "never take off the ring I gave you."

Carolyn's video, which has been viewed over 2.3 million times, has amassed several hilarious reactions, as well as agitated ones. Via comments, Carolyn quickly clarified:

"I'm by no means glamorizing controlling relationships. I just thought it was funny he thought he had that much control."


Most users condemned the rules for being abusive and geared towards gaining control over her while pointing out how insecure Carolyn's ex-boyfriend must have been.

A TikToker commented: "This is not just insecure. This is ABUSIVE." Others expressed how glad they were that the woman finally summoned the courage to bail out of the abusive relationship.


In a follow-up video, the poster described her ex-boyfriend's treatment of her as emotional abuse. She also admitted the rules served as her breaking point, forcing her to flee and block him across all platforms.

Since sharing her video and gaining the support of netizens, Carolyn has dedicated her TikTok platform to creating awareness about domestic violence, which encompasses physical, verbal, and emotional abuse.

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