Pregnant Woman Was Told Her Baby Weighed about 9lbs but He Turned Out to Be Bigger

Dayna Remus
Oct 07, 2021
11:40 P.M.
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Mother and doctors alike were amazed at the sheer mass of a gigantic newborn as the enormous child unapologetically made his way into the big wide world.


Mother and TikTok user Erika Silence Weber stiched a clip from another TikToker @tawnee117 to her video. The mom, who also goes by @weberboymomma2, answered the other user's question, inquiring about who has the biggest baby.

Weber divulged that many individuals tagged her in the @tawnee117 clip, asking her to tell her story. The mom disclosed that at around 9 months into her pregnancy, a medical professional performed an ultrasound.

TikToker Erika Silence Weber [left]; Erika Silence Weber’s newborn son [right]. | Source: tiktok.com/weberboymomma2

TikToker Erika Silence Weber [left]; Erika Silence Weber’s newborn son [right]. | Source: tiktok.com/weberboymomma2


The TikToker said this medical test revealed her baby weighed just over 9lbs, and so it was decided that doctors should perform a cesarean. Nevertheless, @weberboymomma2 stated:

"I had a baby that was 12lb 6oz."

The TikTok user disclosed that her son was already wearing diapers meant for three-month-old babies when they left the hospital. At 6 months now, Weber expressed, her baby dons 18-month-old clothing.

Individual commenting on a TikTok post by Erika Silence Weber. | Source: tiktok.com/weberboymomma2

Individual commenting on a TikTok post by Erika Silence Weber. | Source: tiktok.com/weberboymomma2


The post has received around 8500 comments as yet. A significant number of these remarks were from individuals sharing how much they weighed when they were born or how much their baby weighed.

They attacked the mother, accusing her of feeding her little girls too much.

TikToker @sadieegarciuhhh claimed that they came into the world at 11lb 9oz. Beyond these comments, the video has gone completely viral, accumulating just under 2000 likes and just above 19,000 shares so far.



New mothers continue to be astonished at the size of their newborns, but for Kayleigh Summers, her intuition told her that her baby boy was going to be on the large side. However, before birth, her doctor insisted that the upcoming newborn would be a standard size.

Summers shared her story on TikTok, letting her viewers know that her medical practitioner turned out to be wrong. Callahan, as she named him, was born at a whopping 10lb 2oz.

TikToker Kayleigh Summers. | Source: tiktok.com/thebirthtrauma_mama

TikToker Kayleigh Summers. | Source: tiktok.com/thebirthtrauma_mama



TikTok viewers remain amazed at the sheer proportions of some little ones to the length that, in one case, they attacked the mother. The netizens accused the mom of feeding her little girls too much.

This ambush occurred when parent Alexis LaRue posted a TikTok clip of her carrying her twin babies, clearly struggling to do so. Luckily, the comment section wasn't all negative, with some simply questioning if the twin girls were indeed that big or if it was an illusion created via editing.

LaRue shared a follow-up video, confirming that her babies were indeed quite large for their age. The duo is around 7 months old, and both weigh in at 20lbs.

TikToker Alexis LaRue holding her twin babies. | Source: tiktok.com/themejiafamily_

TikToker Alexis LaRue holding her twin babies. | Source: tiktok.com/themejiafamily_


Some people's babies weigh in at high numbers, while some parents have a high number of children. A loving couple found themselves in this position when they ended up with 9 adopted children on top of their 4 biological kids.


After parents Michael Hawthorn and Terri Hawthorn's biological children had grown into adulthood, they chose to take in foster kids but were adamant they would never adopt. However, in 2018 they ended up with Korgan, who was 3 years old, and Haizlee, who was one year old.

They also fostered 10-year-old twins Lacey and Layna, who, along with their 5 other siblings, found their way into the Hawthorns' hearts who finally adopted all 7 of them. Enormous babies or enormous families, it looks as if all these parents are completely besotted with their "little" angels.

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