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Parents Find Out They Raised a Stranger While Believing He's Their Son

Dayna Remus
Oct 28, 2021
09:00 P.M.
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A boy out there somewhere was left with no parents while they were at home cooking dinner, laughing, playing board games, and watching television with a little stranger, but how did this curious series of events begin?


In April of 1964 in Chicago, a newborn named Paul Fronczak was abducted from the Michael Reese Hospital. Parents Chester and Dora Fronczak were devastated as the F.B.I.'s search for their baby son began.

A younger Chester and Dora Fronczak [left]; Their non-biological son named Paul Fronczak [right]; Paul Fronczak as an adult [center].┃Source:youtube.com/WGN News

A younger Chester and Dora Fronczak [left]; Their non-biological son named Paul Fronczak [right]; Paul Fronczak as an adult [center].┃Source:youtube.com/WGN News


Two years after a lady looking like a nurse stole Paul away, a toddler was discovered in New Jersey. Upon meeting him, Chester and Dora truly believed it was the biological son they had been grieving. During this period, however, there were no D.N.A tests which could scientifically prove any blood relation.


Police questioned the validity of the biological connection. However, the parents were confident they had their blood-related son back home. Eventually, doubt began creeping in as Paul found out about the abduction when he was 10 years old.

A Chicago Tribune newspaper with a heading concerning the abduction of the newborn baby Paul Fronczak in 1964.┃Source:youtube.com/WGN News

A Chicago Tribune newspaper with a heading concerning the abduction of the newborn baby Paul Fronczak in 1964.┃Source:youtube.com/WGN News


He wondered why his parents' hair and complexion were so different from his. He was pretty fair while Chester and Dora sported darker features.

The stark personality differences also made Paul uneasy. The boy was more free-spirited, while Chester and Dora were much more conservative in their nature.



Once an adult, he decided to take a D.N.A test. Although he already had a hunch, Paul was still shocked to find out that he was not blood-related to his parents. He was interested in finding this mystery newborn. In 2014, he expressed:

"Is the real Fronczak baby still alive? Is it out there? And if it is, can we find it? Can we actually reunite it with my mom and dad?"

It turned out that, yes, the kidnapped baby was likely still alive and could be found, but as for coming out to tell his story as a grown man, the purported abductee has remained silent.



The W.G.N. news organization claimed to have found the real Fronczak 55 years after the original case. This man allegedly chose to remain anonymous. As the F.B.I. had re-opened the case, the news station asked them if he was, in fact, the abducted newborn. The Agency stated:


"We ask for privacy for the victims as we continue to investigate the facts surrounding this case.”

Will this John Doe ever choose to come out of the shadows? As an alleged crime victim, what horrifying stories do you think he will have to tell, and will he ever be reunited with his biological family?

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