School teacher boots girl's bag across the classroom, her classmate brings a bag of bricks to avenge her | Shutterstock
Source: School teacher boots girl's bag across the classroom, her classmate brings a bag of bricks to avenge her | Shutterstock

School Teacher Kicks Girl's Bag across Classroom, Classmate Brings Bag of Bricks to Get Revenge

Rita Kumar
Jan 21, 2022
01:40 A.M.
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A math teacher who kicks a girl’s bag gets a taste of the “Ouch, it hurts” moment after her classmate takes revenge that’s savage and unacceptable. 


Not all bullies can get away with picking at someone, and this incident is the ultimate example that cautions why messing up with the wrong person can have a “painful climax.”  

Posting to Reddit’s popular “ProRevenge” community, Redditor Retrosteve narrated a high school incident involving his friend, “Alan,” who had seething anger issues with bullies and how he got back at the biggest bully of all—his overbearing math teacher.

A guy brings a bag of bricks to school to get revenge on a teacher who kicked his classmate's bag | Photo: Shutterstock


The Original Poster (OP) describes his friend Alan as a very easy-going guy. However, he never shied away from portraying his dislike for bullies in school, and despite keeping calm over his intimidators, one incident tested his patience to the extreme. 

Alan had a math teacher whom OP referred to as “Barry.” For some reason, the teacher had a weird likeness to bullying his students, but in a non-violent and less frightening way.

Barry’s antics were more predictable than anything creative. To top it all, he felt he OWNED his class and disciplined the students by embarrassing anyone who challenged him. 

The math teacher felt he was the boss of his classroom | Photo: Pexels


Barry liked to march along the empty aisles between the desks. For this, he always demanded his students to keep the space clutter-free and void of their belongings.

When students left their things cluttered in the aisle, Barry would gain the class’s attention, mock the concerned pupil, and kick the items to the other end.

The teachers who knew what a bully Barry was suspected Alan of devising the revenge.

The teacher often prided himself on his antics and said with a smirk: “Now, let’s see things in the aisle again!” One day, he kicked a girl’s gym bag, exposing her gym outfit and undergarments to other students, much to Alan’s frustration. 


The teacher hated a cluttered aisle & often kicked the students' belongings | Photo: Pexels

The woman was mortified while Barry flaunted his evil smirk. This irked Alan, and he boiled with anger. 


Barry had done something similar to Alan in the past, but it wasn’t a big deal. However, he refused to let it go this time after the teacher humiliated his female classmate.

He plotted revenge and knew what he needed to do to teach his math teacher a “painful lesson” he’d never forget.

The girl was mortified | Photo: Pexels


Alan was assigned a winter sculpture project in art class, and they were allowed to incorporate any random material into the sculpture. He decided to use nuts and bolts this time but couldn’t wait for a similar project scheduled for spring.

Come spring, a new project was assigned, and Alan decided to use bricks as the core material for his sculpture project. After getting a nod from his art teacher, he planned to assemble all the materials in art class. 

Alan brought a dozen bricks to school | Photo: Pexels


At the end of a time-consuming four-week wait, Alan brought a dozen bricks to school, coincidentally on the day that art class followed math class. 

He carried the bricks in a gym bag and conveniently left it carelessly in the aisle during math class. As expected, Barry noticed the gym bag and marched towards it to scoff at the student. He grinned and, without much thought, gave his best brutal kick. 

The teacher booted Alan's bag of bricks, unaware of the painful aftermath | Photo: Pexels


Moments later, paramedics rushed Barry to the hospital, crackling and panting with an injured foot. Alan predicted a severe investigation, though he plotted everything with ample justification that nobody could spot any wrong intention.

The teachers who knew what a bully Barry was suspected Alan of devising the revenge. However, they couldn’t prove anything. 

With over 1K upvotes, Alan’s revenge story amassed some witty responses online. 

Alan predicted a serious investigation | Photo: Pexels


“Wow. That guy’s an evil genius,” stated one of the Redditors after rummaging through the post. Responding to the person’s comment, OP said:

“Yep. He got a good mark on the brick sculpture too!”

“While intent would be hard to prove, I get the feeling the other teachers really just didn’t care that Alan enabled Barry to break his own foot,” added user drapehsnormak. But whatever happened to the teacher after that?

A commenter suspected the other teachers didn't care that Alan enabled his teacher to injure his foot | Photo: Pexels


OP said that his friend Alan appeared remorseful for what happened but remained inconspicuous not to let others know he’d engineered the entire revenge. 

“But Barry wasn’t back in Math class until April, and he wasn’t kicking any bags from his crutches,” OP concluded

The teacher never kicked bags again. | Photo: Pexels


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think this act of revenge is acceptable? 

As OP claimed, the teacher despised cluttered aisles whenever he paraded through them. He never thought twice before booting his students’ belongings. And while several people argued the teacher was wrong here, is it acceptable to plot an act of revenge this painful?

Do you think the teacher’s mode of discipline concerning cluttered aisles merits disciplinary action from the school? 

The teacher’s strategy of disciplining students to keep their belongings in line was offensive to his students. There is no mention in the story of whether he was reprimanded or sanctioned for his behavior. Do you think the school should take action against the teacher for his tactics? 

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