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Couple Reunites after 20 Years without Contact: 'He Was Always the Love of My Life'

Ayesha Muhammad
Feb 15, 2022
02:20 P.M.
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After being apart for two decades, a couple reunited on Valentine's Day last year. The long-lost lovers were dumbfounded, never expecting they could see each other again after the painful circumstances of their separation.


Being separated from a beloved can be painstakingly difficult. People who lose contact with their loved ones often have a hard time moving forward because every day seems more challenging than the one gone by. 

February 14 is universally celebrated as Valentine's Day — a day binding people in the sacred bonds of love, affection, and togetherness. Many couples observe this special occasion by going on dates, giving presents like chocolates or flowers, or sending romantic letters. 

Saboia and Gusmão sharing a kiss 20 years ago [Left]. The lovers kiss again after reuniting on Valentine's Day last year [Right]. | Source: facebook.com/La100



Love is the most powerful feeling in the world, weaving the most incredible stories and making miracles happen. A couple from Brazil experienced something similar last year when cupid shot love arrows in their direction. 

Joselita Saboia and Jehová Gusmão crossed paths again last year, after being apart for 20 years. On Valentine's Day in Teresina, Piauí, the lovebirds exchanged love vows.

Saboia lovingly expressed that Gusmão had always been the love of her life. Their love story resembled a romantic novel or movie script, especially how they reunited after two decades of no contact. 



The couple's story began when they were in their 30s. Saboia was separated and had two children. She owned a steakhouse in Teresina, where she met Gusmão, a truck driver from Rio de Janeiro. 

It took Grodsky 20 years to fulfill his promise.

“He came to deliver materials in Piauí and ended up stopping at my steakhouse. It was love at first sight. He always came, and we lived that love for a few months,” recalled Saboia, better known as Josy. 



Sadly, the duo was separated when Saboia closed her restaurant under unlikely circumstances. With no means of contact, the pair never saw each other again. Then, one day, years later, Gusmão got lucky and found Saboia on Facebook. Gusmão recounted:

“I looked for her all the time on social media, but I couldn't find her. I was only able to locate it now, and we arranged to meet."

In the last 20 years, Saboia had been in another relationship but didn't marry. Gusmão had no children and intended to move to Teresina to be with his sweetheart. "He was always the love of my life," recalled a teary-eyed Saboia. 



When Gusmão's message arrived, Saboia became emotional and confessed she had never forgotten him and had always waited for him. The couple's heartwarming reunion couldn't have happened on a more romantic day, and we're glad they're finally together. 

Saboia and Gusmão's romantic reunion makes one believe in a fairytale romance and the existence of soulmates. The idea that there's someone meant for everyone and that love, at first sight, does exist aren't always far-fetched notions. 

Laura Scheel and Matt Grodsky lived their romance when their childhood feelings evolved into something far more profound. The pair attended the same preschool, where Grodsky fell madly in love with Scheel and vowed to marry her one day.



One might not think much of Grodsky's feelings as a kid, but he said he had always been enamored with Scheel. Despite going to different elementary and high schools, Grodsky never stopped loving Scheel, and the distance made their hearts grow fonder. 

Even though they attended different colleges, the lovely duo was reunited through a mutual friend. But once they graduated college, Grodsky decided to throw caution to the wind. He took Scheel to their preschool and popped the big question. 

Luckily, the happy man received a resounding "yes." The lovers tied the knot in December 2016. It took Grodsky 20 years to fulfill his promise. The soul-stirring love stories of Saboia and Gusmão and Scheel and Grodsky prove that true love conquers all.