Doctors Suggest Mom Terminate Her Pregnancy, Dad Determines Her Decision to Keep the Baby

Brittany Chalmers
Feb 23, 2022
10:20 A.M.

A doctor suggested terminating their pregnancy when a couple's routine consultation revealed that their baby girl did not have hands. However, the father's comforting words convinced the mother to keep the baby.


A beautiful baby girl was born in 2019 to proud parents Sean and Vanessa McLeod. However, the Vancouver, Canada couple faced a difficult journey before their second child's arrival. A scan revealed she would be born without hands.

Doctors encouraged the parents to consider termination because, in their opinion, the baby would not have a great quality of life. However, Sean thought differently. He eased all of his wife's concerns with one promise.

Proud dad Sean McLeod with his daughters [left]; Baby Ivy who was born without hands and her dog who is missing a paw [right] | Source: instagram.com/vanessamcleod_

Proud dad Sean McLeod with his daughters [left]; Baby Ivy who was born without hands and her dog who is missing a paw [right] | Source: instagram.com/vanessamcleod_


The father, who already adored his unborn child, told Vanessa that he believed they should keep the baby. Doctors had placed considerable doubt in her mind, but she knew that they were the best parents for the baby after speaking with her spouse.


Sean looked at his wife and said:

"I’ll do whatever I have to do to take care of her. I’ll build her anything. I want her. I’ll do whatever it takes. I’ll take care of her for the rest of her life."


Thinking back on her experience with the doctors, Vanessa said she felt "sick," imagining a world where she listened to them. While there were still some fears about the baby's future, all of them disappeared the minute Ivy was born.

The mother shared news of her arrival online and expressed:

"Welcome Ivy Jane, our beautiful miracle. My heart is so full and at peace. She is here, safe, and healthy in a family that has SO much love for her."



Their little girl is a bundle of joy, and she is learning how to live with her limb difference. Ivy, who always seems to have an infectious smile on her face, has also been meeting all of her significant milestones.

The proud mom added: "I wish I could send the videos of her rolling to the doctor who suggested we terminate." Ivy may start to question things as she grows, but her mother has vowed to raise her to be confident in her skin.



The family welcomed a new furry member to their clan last year. The adorable puppy named Lucky is perfect for them because he is missing a front paw.

Vanessa hoped Lucky would have a magical bond with Ivy. The dog might also make it easier to broach tricky topics in the future and show the little girl that limb difference can be beautiful.



Vanessa hoped that Ivy's story would raise awareness and encourage others to view disabilities as something to be celebrated and not something to be pitied.

She also made contact with the medical facility that suggested pregnancy termination. They responded and offered an unexpected but welcomed opportunity.



The medical facility invited her to speak with their medical students (the doctors of tomorrow) on how they can deliver diagnoses more positively.

Vanessa stated:

"I’m excited for that opportunity to teach the next generation of doctors that differences are beautiful and it's ok and these parents will find support and make it through and they will love their babies."



When pregnancy scans do not always unfold as expected, doctors offer mothers advice. However, many moms choose to keep their babies despite this, just like Vanessa did. Another mother ignored ten suggestions to terminate her pregnancy.

Doctors told Natalie Halson of Manchester, England, that her unborn baby had spina bifida and suggested an abortion. However, this mom had a gut feeling to keep her baby—and every day, she is glad that she did.

Halson hopes medical professionals will respect parents' wishes without continuously suggesting terminations. Much like Ivy, Mirabelle is her mother's little miracle, and both bubbly girls show that disabilities don't have to hinder their quality of life.

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