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Pregnant Doctor Stops Her Own Labor to Deliver Another Woman's Baby

Lois Oladejo
Mar 12, 2022
11:00 A.M.
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A pregnant doctor was about to give birth to her baby but paused those plans to deliver another woman's child after hearing her scream. Read on to find out more.


Doctors and other medical professionals are among the most selfless people globally. Their profession urges them to do all they can to save the lives of their patients and ensure their wellbeing.

Although there are cases of negligent doctors, the doctor in this story shows why many are selfless heroes without capes. 

[Left] Dr. Amanda Hess holding her baby in her hands after delivery; [Right] Dr. Amanda Hess, her husband and her adorable daughter. | Source: Morning America



In July 2017, Dr. Amanda Hess, a Kentucky obstetrician-gynecologist, arrived at the Frankfort Regional Medical Center to have labor induced for the birth of her second daughter. 

However, she shelved those plans for a little while when she heard a woman screaming from one of the wards. She told ABC: 

"I was waiting for an IV, was waiting to get hooked up to the monitors. My husband actually said, 'Is that a woman screaming?'"

Dr. Amanda Hess in a mirror photo while pregnant. | Source: Morning America


After some investigation, Hess found out the source of the scream. It was one of the hospital patients, Leah Johnson. 

Johnson was in labor to deliver her fourth child. However, her contractions were increasing, and the on-call doctor was unavailable. Hess did not hesitate to jump in on the case.

Leah Johnson holding her new born baby girl in a arms. | Source: Morning America



Hess instantly got out of her hospital bed to help deliver Johnson's baby. First, however, she had to get ready to do so. She explained:

"When I came down the hall way to her room I made sure I put another gown to cover my backside. It looked pretty normal. I don't think you could tell, except for the back, that I was wearing a hospital gown."

Lea Johnson's new born baby girl looking all adorable. | Source: Morning America


After putting on a second gown to cover her back, Hess helped Johnson give birth to her daughter. The infant arrived safe and healthy. Hess explained to People why she helped to deliver Johnson's baby. She said:

"It was urgent that baby was delivered right away."

Dr. Amanda Hess in her surgical gown. | Source: Morning America



Hess started contractions an hour after helping to deliver Johnson's baby. She gave birth to her daughter, Ellen Joyce, at about 9.30 a.m the following day. 

The beautiful baby arrived weighing six pounds and 12 ounces, making her a proud and heroic mother of two.

Dr. Amanda Hess holding her new born baby in her arms. | Source: Morning America



After combining to make a beautiful story, Hess and Johnson reconnected on Skype. For the moms, it is sure that it would be a day they would never forget, not just because of their daughters' births but how they happened. 

Johnson told Hess she was lucky they were both in the same hospital. She also confessed not knowing what was happening when Hess walked into the room that night. 


Meanwhile, Hess told Johnson that her delivery of her fourth child was excellent, adding that she was impressed with how she did it. She added:

"I can't believe how fast you went and you were totally in control."

Hess and Johnson were previously two women who knew nothing about each other but became a part of each other's lives thanks to a doctor's desire to help another person.