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Rich Man’s Son Demands a Posh Car from His Dad, Gets Only a Cheaply Wrapped Box Instead — Story of the Day

Karabo Baloyi
Mar 22, 2022
08:00 A.M.
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Brian grew up in a wealthy household. His parents gave him everything he ever wanted, and on his birthday, he demanded an expensive sports car. But the cheaply wrapped box his father gave him instead led him down a heartbreaking path.  


Brian was a wealthy child of a businessman. His father gave him everything he ever wanted and remained present in his life. His father, Lincoln, was always proud of him. He wanted the best for him and tried to teach him the values of hard work and dedication. However, Brian remained an entitled child. 

Three months before his 18th birthday, Brian hired a party planner to throw the biggest party anyone had ever seen. "I want them to envy me because they will never have a party like mine," he said. "I want my father to give me this sports car I've been seeing, and I want everyone to be there when he hands me the keys." The party planner nodded and got to work planning the event.


Brian demanded an expensive sports car for his 18th birthday but got a small box instead. | Source: Shutterstock

Brian spent weeks leading up to his birthday party publicizing his future sports car and the party. He used his and his friends' social media accounts to spread the word and made them all post pictures of the sports car he would get on his birthday. He was so focused on his birthday that his grades started to suffer. 


"Brian, I understand you're excited about turning 18, but there is a life after that, and you need to start planning for it," his Math teacher said. "With these marks, you'll have a difficult time getting into a business school as you had planned."

"I don't care about all that right now. Anyway, even if I don't get into a university, my dad's money will soon be my money," he replied. 

"But you need to learn to be the leader he is if you want to keep the life you have," the teacher said. 

"No, I don't. I can hire people like you who like studying for that," he laughed and walked out. 


Brian wanted to throw a massive party at his father's mansion for his 18th birthday. | Source: Shutterstock

The teacher was worried and decided to call Brian's father to explain the decline in his marks. When he arrived home later, Lincoln called Brian into his office.


"Look, son, I know you're excited about your birthday, but you're being reckless with your future, and I will not allow that," he said. 

"Dad, I'm fine; I'll raise my marks again after the party; I still have six months left of high school, I'll make it," Brian replied. 

"I need you to keep your promises. You have never disappointed me before; please don't start now," his father said. 

Brian used the opportunity to tell his father what he wanted for his birthday, and he pointed to an expensive sports car on his phone. "That's the one I want, in black only and no other color," Brian said.


"We'll see," his father said evasively. 

When Brian opened the gift from his dad, he realized it was a Bible. Source: Shutterstock

On the day of his birthday party, Brian was excited both for the party and the car he was expecting to receive. Then his father walked up to him and handed him a cheaply wrapped gift.


"I am so proud of you, son, I have watched you grow up, and I know you have the potential to become a success," he said. 

But Brian wasn't listening to what his father was saying. He was focused on opening the gift and was disappointed when he found a Bible inside it.

"How dare you!" he seethed. "I ask for a specific car, and you give me a Bible? What do I do with a Bible?" 

Brian dropped the book on the table before his father could answer and walked out. He didn't show up to his party and never came back home.

Ten years later, Brian was living as a social media influencer in another city when he received a call from his father's lawyer, Barry, telling him that Lincoln had passed away and left his entire estate to him. 


Brian was heartbroken that his father died before they could mend their relationship. | Source: Shutterstock

Brian flew back home immediately and signed the necessary documents with Barry. He was heartbroken over his father's death, but he still resented him for giving him a cheap Bible on the most significant birthday of his life. He drove back to his home and was surprised to find the Bible on the table where he left it. 


When Brian paged through the book, a set of keys fell out. He picked them up and realized they were the keys to the sports car he wanted from his father. His heart dropped. He could not believe that he could have acted completely different than he did that day.

Brian walked around his home and remembered the beautiful childhood his father gave him. He started to cry and felt ashamed wasting so many years where he could have grown closer to his father. He realized there was no way to apologize for his behavior on his 18th birthday. He decided to keep the car but he was too ashamed to drive it, so it stayed where his father had left it.

What can we learn from this story?

  • A parent's love is worth more than any gift. Brian should have realized what his dad was trying to teach him with his gift, but he was so focused on himself that he stormed out instead. 
  • We need to mend relationships most important to us before it is too late. Brian could have returned home on his birthday to fix things with his dad, but he remained stubborn and never apologized.

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