Schwarzenegger's Love Child Was Not Invited to Half-Sister's Wedding ⁠— 4 Half-Siblings Treat Him Differently

Olawale Ogunjimi
Mar 27, 2022
12:20 A.M.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger's doppelganger son, Joseph, from his affair with a maid, shares a close relationship with the actor. Yet, the love child was not invited to his half-sister's wedding.


Former bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger turned actor and politician has a rather intriguing love tale with the niece of a former American president, President Kennedy.

The "Terminator" star was married to award-winning journalist and author Maria Shriver, whose parents, Sargent Shriver and Eunice Kennedy Shriver, enjoyed marital bliss all their lives.

Although the couple separated after nearly three decades together in 2011, when Shriver discovered her husband's love affair with their former maid, Mildred Baena, it was not until 2021 that they dissolved their union.

Schwarzenegger's infidelity led to the birth of a son, Joseph, whose existence was kept a secret. Despite discovering the actor's skeletons in the closet and deciding to separate, Shriver never slandered him in public.


The former couple also protected their friendship and have continued to respect boundaries while co-parenting lovingly. News of their divorce came as a shock to fans who felt they still share a close bond. 

But for Shriver, getting divorced during the Christmas holiday when people were busy celebrating was the best timing. So she pushed the buttons.


It was revealed that it took a decade to arrive at a suitable timing because of a lack of motivation and a complex property settlement agreement. The couple never signed a prenup following their 1986 wedding.

Schwarzenegger and his ex-wife had since moved on after their split. Although they remain close, they have found new love interests.

Eventually, a property settlement agreement was reached, even though most of it was confidential, TMZ reported that an estimated $400 million fortune was split, alongside everything else.


This happened on December 28, in L. A Supreme Court. The famous divorce lawyer Laura Wasser represented the mother of four, while Kristina Royce worked for the former California state Governor. Following their court settlements, neither party has spoken about any dissatisfaction.

A few years after news of the affair broke, Shriver confessed in her book, "I've Been Thinking...: Reflections Prayers and Meditations for a Meaningful Life," that forgiveness is never easy but provides the best exit from a victim mentality.


On the other hand, the "Terminator" alum was remorseful about the infidelity and secrecy. He mentioned that he blamed himself for the split.

Irrespective of how they felt in the past, the former couple is thriving in their relationship as friends. However, that cannot be said about their kids, including the love child.



Joseph was born in 1997, growing up alongside Jackie Baena, his sister. His mother worked as a maid for the famous actor and lived in their Pacific Palisades mansion with her family.

When he turned 15, neither Shriver nor Schwarzenegger could ignore his similarities to the "Terminator" actor. So the journalist confronted Mildred, who confessed instantly.


This news not only scarred the mother of four but her kids, who felt betrayed. Since then, the four half-siblings decided to cut ties with their father's love child, who they once considered a family friend.

It is no news that Shriver's daughters, Katherine and Christina, do not consider Joseph a part of the family. During Katherine's wedding to actor Chris Pratt in 2019, photos showed that her half-sibling did not make the guest list.


Apart from not involving him in family gatherings, Katherine never shares images of Joseph, despite her regular sibling posts on Instagram.

Following a National Siblings Day celebration, she showcased a throwback snap of only her and her three siblings, flaunting their bond while reliving the moment.


A few commenters tongue lashed Katherine for the partiality. Still, a supporter explained that the girls' ignorance shows they are not ready to embrace the "living reminder" of what broke their happy family.

Patrick and Christopher are yet to share details about their half-brother online, but close sources to Joseph revealed that the boys spend time behind closed doors.

In 2021, Patrick was spotted working out with his half-sibling. Nicki Bodaj, Joseph's beau, later joined the boys. This marked the first time the brothers appeared together in public since 2011.


Despite the attitude from his half-siblings, Joseph is yet to speak about it. Instead, he tries to connect to them via social media. Mildred's son follows his step-siblings' on Instagram and comments now and then, but none of them has returned the gesture. 

Even though he was not invited to Katherine's luxury wedding, Joseph shared a loving comment under her post, signifying his happiness for the new couple.


Irrespective of the nature of their relationship, the Schwarzenegger clan are making their father proud. His first daughter, Katherine, is a USC graduate published author with a successful family.

Her sister, Christina, graduated from Georgetown University. She has worked on co-producing a Netflix documentary with her mother.


 Patrick inherited their dad's acting skills. He works as a model and has starred in hit productions like "Grown Ups 2" and "Midnight Sun."

While Christopher is yet to pursue his passion, the young man graduated from the University of Michigan in 2020. Lastly, the love child, Joseph, is his dad's twin, in looks and characters. He is a bodybuilder and has a few film credits.



Although Joseph's relationship with his siblings is not a walk in the park as he gets neglected from family gatherings, he shares an indestructible bond with his dad.

The younger actor claimed that he has a very cool relationship with the "Terminator" star and that they share jokes.


Joseph confessed that initially, it was different because he was conscious and nervous of making the right impression on his famous dad after spending most of his life with Mildred.

Eventually, they were able to connect. Apart from sharing lovely moments, the former governor listens to his son and dishes out different pieces of advice concerning relationships.

Joseph mentioned that he is comfortable with "Baena" and has not considered using his dad's name. Instead, he would prefer to make his mark with his current name.

Thankfully, the young lad is making progress, and he has shared that Schwarzenegger is happy for him. When asked who he calls to share news of his success with, Joseph lovingly mentioned his mom and dad.