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Woman Asks Dying Grandpa to Send Her a Baby from Heaven and Claims He Did So

Dayna Remus
Apr 06, 2022
01:00 P.M.
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While he lay on his deathbed, one woman looked into the eyes of the elderly man she loved with all her heart and begged him for a baby -- did she get what she asked him? And if she did, could it have been divine intervention? Was this a gift from beyond the grave? 


We all have those people with whom we share a special connection. This soulmate can be a lover. But, sometimes, our kindred spirits come in the form of other types of relationships. 

It can also be a friend, a cousin, or in Amanda Montana Waligora's case, a grandfather that she fondly called "Poppy."

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Of course, this wasn't his real name. Instead, as Waligora explained in an Instagram post on March 19, 2017, she had made it up as a child. She wrote

"A friend at school was talking about her Poppy, and I thought that term sounded so cute. I asked my grandpa if I could call him Poppy... and he said yes lol that day, a poppy was born, and he's been our sweet little baby poppy ever since. [sic]"

Sadly, she announced that her grandfather had died the day before in this same post. But, one thing that comforts her is that he left her with a gift -- another kindred spirit that would fill her days with wonder



Waligora said in another Instagram post shared in November 2021 that before he passed, she looked in his eyes and asked him to send her a baby -- she had been struggling to conceive. In her own words, she wrote

"Staring into my Poppy's eyes, I asked him to pick a baby for us when he got to heaven. I kissed his cheek and whispered in his ear, 'Make it a girl.'"

While this was a beautiful moment for the grandfather and granddaughter, many would see it as that and nothing more. But, following that moment, something magical was about to happen. 



On the anniversary of her beloved granddad's death, Waligora posted on Instagram again. Sharing a picture of her with him, she spoke about how she had a baby girl named Annalise. This little one was born after her granddad's passing. Waligora wrote:

"Without poppy's good word, I wouldn't have her."


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The mom expressed that the birth of her daughter was solid proof of God. She asked her "Poppy" to look after Annalise from above.



Although he is gone from this earth, there is a possibility that Waligora and her grandfather remain connected in spirit. In yet another Instagram post dedicated to him, she wrote

"He's all around, though. I've never felt someone as strongly as I've felt him. [sic]" 

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Do you believe that a relationship can be so strong that it can transcend our current reality, convey messages, and send down gifts of life? Or was it all just a fascinating coincidence?