Mom Loses Purpose in Life after Her Sons' Deaths, Finds Out She's Pregnant Again at 43

Lois Oladejo
May 01, 2022
01:30 A.M.

A woman who witnessed her sons die had given up hope that she would ever be a mother before being blessed with a healthy baby boy. It was all the nudge she needed to pursue life with extra vigor.


Parenthood is a tough crest to shoulder, mainly because parents take their children's pain as theirs and often blame themselves in the event of a tragedy.

Lynsey Drummond had been a busy bee, and even after she had kids, the woman had remained just as invested in her work as a childcare assistant.


That changed when she and her husband, Stephen, lost their kids, Evan and Taylor, to cerebral palsy, three years apart.


According to Lynsey, they had noticed a rash and some bleeding on his nose at 12 days old, and the nurse did not like it.

At first, they suspected meningitis, but when test results kept going off the mark, they realized it had not been meningitis.

When they revealed what it was, the woman was stunned, and she confessed to the doctors that she had never dealt with a cold sore before.

They were quick to let her know that it could be contracted, so she had no choice but to accept what was happening. Her son did not die, but it left her with a lot of fear regarding people interacting with her child.



After the death scare they had with Evan back then, Lynsey knew that she had to create more time for her boys, so she quit her job and stayed back home to care for the kids who desperately needed her.

Evan had survived the Herpes Simplex Virus, which is known to be fatal to kids, but he ended up with cerebral palsy, which affects only his motor skills and development.

Evan's brother, Taylor, was also born with cerebral palsy following a premature delivery that happened at 31 weeks. Still, Evan passed away in 2014, about three years before his brother followed.



It broke her heart, and she had all but given up on the thought of having kids when she and her partner Derek were blindsided by a baby girl. She said:

"We weren't trying and I wasn't even sure if I wanted another baby but when we fell pregnant we were over the moon."

Lynsey was excited about the child despite her age being 43, and fortunately for her, she has been able to carry it so far without any issues.


She still has to deal with the fear of not knowing where her child had gotten infected in the past, so she plans to be extra vigilant with people interacting with her baby, who is due to arrive in a couple of weeks. Speaking about the baby, she said:

"She's my rainbow baby, she feels like a little miracle. I was lost after the boys died because they both needed 24-hour care so I felt like I had no purpose in life; I wasn't a carer or a mother anymore."

It is a happy ending to an otherwise traumatizing and sad story, and now the mom from Motherwell, Lanarkshire, can put the past behind her and forge ahead as a proud mother.


Her case is just another proof that nothing bad lasts forever, and if anyone discounts that fact, tell them about Michelle and Stephen Daly, who had to go through nine miscarriages before they finally had a child.

The boy was born on June 12, 2021, weighing 7lb 0.5oz, and the couple who had suffered years of tragedy named him Dylan Patrick Daly, after Michelle's deceased father, who had chosen the name before his death.

Michelle calls the healthy little boy her "rainbow" baby, and her mind swells with pride now at the thought of him.

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