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Mom-Of-10 Raises 3 of Her Sons as Triplets despite Only One of Them Being White

Ayesha Muhammad
May 25, 2022
07:00 A.M.
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A heroic mother made headlines online for capturing the heartwarming bond between her three sons, whom she proudly raises as triplets. Surprisingly, only one of her three boys is white, but the youngsters are practically inseparable.


Parenting is a life-altering experience. From ensuring the kids are well-fed, protected, and valued to giving them a loving environment and good education, multiple elements determine whether a child grows up into a responsible adult.

Families come in all shapes and sizes, and every family has its own approach to parenting. The story we're sharing today encapsulates the journey of a couple who have managed to defy the odds and are thoroughly enjoying their experience thus far.



Alicia and Josh Dougherty embarked on their journey as foster parents in 2010. They chose to foster after experiencing infertility and 11 miscarriages. The first kid they took in was Alexander, whom they lovingly called "Alex."

Alicia remembered how the little boy flew into a rage and threw a rug down the stairs at her. Over time, the couple made a conscious effort to understand Alex's needs and his distinct personality, after which they decided to foster more kids.

Alicia, 41, and Josh, 43, adopted Alex, 16, James, 15, Patrick, 13, Bree, 11, and twins Jordan and Jason, 7. They also had four children of their own: Zoey, 10, Dashel, 8, Bodhi, 5, and Harlee, 3.



All six of the Doughertys' adopted kids have Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD), a group of conditions that occur when alcohol passes from a mother to her baby through the umbilical cord. FASD can lead to a range of physical, behavioral, and learning issues.

The woman noted that she was trolled for her children's smiles and was also slammed when she showed off her food haul.

The couple, who lives in Pittsford, New York, took in two more kids, aged 12 and 13, in April 2022. Known as the "Dougherty Dozen" on social media, Alicia and Josh have managed to keep things afloat in their large household.



The proud parents said that after taking in Alex, they started researching and understanding FASD and gradually decided to take in more children. Josh, a lower school special education teacher and middle and high school coach, told PEOPLE:

"We figured, if we're already doing this for one kid, what difference will another one make?"

The Doughertys said they have found calm in their "controlled chaos" and try to focus on the positive aspects by reinforcing kindness and acceptance in their children. Alicia also expressed that she and her husband see parenting as a privilege.



Their older son, Alex, said he was grateful to his adoptive parents for giving him a safe and loving home and understanding his needs. He also added:

"People with fetal alcohol have harder problems because of how their brain thinks. Regular kids without fetal alcohol can think a little bit harder than fetal alcohol children. That's why my mom and dad figured out what to do with me, and now I'm having a great life."

Alicia and Josh revealed they live by their family motto, "Doughertys Don't Quit." The proud mother said she attributed her patience to growing up with a brother who had bipolar disorder.



Alicia said her husband was raised by a single mom and is determined to be the father he never had. In response to whether the couple had plans to adopt more children, she told TODAY:

"I think we're done. I think 12 is my cap."

In May 2022, Alicia shared a heartwarming video of her three boys, whom she raises as triplets. She left people surprised and smiling when she posted the adorable video on her TikTok, mainly because the youngsters were of different races and heights.


The boys share the same age because they were born in the same year and are second-graders. The TikTok video's caption read:

"Our adopted twins and biological son are all born in 2014 and in second grade and have been raised as triplets most of their lives. Don't tell them they're not triplets or they will tear you apart."



Many netizens appreciated the boys' lovely connection and praised Alicia for her parenting. Alicia regularly shares updates about her family of 14 on social media and has also been reportedly trolled for her enormous brood.

The woman noted that she was trolled for her children's smiles and was also slammed when she showed off her food haul. She recollected that people left hateful comments on her videos and said they hated her family's smiling faces.

Alicia also thanked the people who poured in their support and helped her stay positive despite the negativity. Undoubtedly, Alicia and Josh are a power duo, and we hope their beautiful family continues to prosper in love.

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