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Students Mock Guy Watching Cartoons for Kids, Next Day See Him Holding Hands with Blind Girl – Story of the Day

Monica Otayza
Jun 17, 2022
09:40 P.M.
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A teenage student watched children's cartoons in-between classes, making him the butt of his classmates' jokes. The following day, they saw him holding hands with a blind girl and continued to mock him for it, only to eat their words once they discovered the truth.


James was a 14-year-old boy who liked to keep to himself at school. He was not popular and only had one friend, Abigail, whom he'd spend time with.

In-between classes, James sat at the back of the classroom with his eyes glued to his cellphone screen. Nobody knew the reason why except Abigail. However, one day, his classmate had enough of his mysteriousness and approached James.

James always sat at the back of the classroom where he'd watch cartoons in-between classes. | Source: Pexels


"What are you doing out here at the back, loner? You're glued to your phone every day," he asked James.

James looked at him momentarily before fixing his eyes on his phone screen yet again. After his non-response, his classmate peeked at the phone and saw him watching children's cartoons. He laughed and told everyone else in the classroom.

"Guys, loner James watches CARTOONS in-between classes! That's why he's always at the back of the classroom!" he yelled.

Everybody started scoffing and picking on James. The boy refused to pay any attention to his classmates and stared harder at his phone while trying to muffle out the sounds of their jokes and insulting words.


James' classmates teased him for watching cartoons,and made him the butt of their jokes. | Source: Pexels

Upon hearing the rest of the class making fun of James, his best friend Abigail decided to step up and defend him. "Leave him alone! You have no idea what he's going through. Mind your own business," she said.


Unfortunately, it didn't work, and everyone only continued to laugh. "You've got your girlfriend defending you! You can't even utter a word yourself!" one of their classmates mocked.

Abigail pressed James to say something so they'd stop picking on him, but he refused. "They'll never listen," he mumbled before shutting down his phone and heading back to his seat in time for their next class.

James only had one friend named Abigail who defended him from his bullies. | Source: Pexels


The following day, some of James' classmates decided to meet up at the park. Although he wasn't invited, James was at the same park, but with somebody else. His classmates saw him holding a little girl's hand as they walked around the park.

James' classmates watched from afar, ready to tease him again for playing with someone who wasn't in his age group. "No wonder he watches cartoons. He plays with kids, too!" one of them said before the group erupted in laughter.

As they closely observed James and the young girl, they noticed that James was carefully leading the girl down the street. "Is she blind?" a classmate suddenly asked.


James was at the park with what seemed to be a blind girl when his classmates spotted him there. | Source: Pexels

Another classmate looked closer and realized that the girl was indeed blind. "She's wearing thick glasses and has a stick in one hand. I think so," they concluded.


They decided not to confront James about it, as part of them felt terrible for the young girl. However, the following day at school, they found James watching cartoons again and couldn't help but tease him.

"Hey, James!" one of the bullies called out. "I think you're in the wrong classroom. The kinder classroom is downstairs. You're in a junior high school classroom!" he mocked.

James' classmates teased him that he was in the wrong classroom after spotting him playing with the younger girl at the park. | Source: Pexels


But James still refused to engage them, and one of the bullies had enough. "Are you deaf and mute? Is that why you're hanging out with blind girls?" he said, grabbing James' phone away from him.

"Give it back! Why don't you just leave me alone? I haven't bothered any of you!" James yelled.

"Not until you finally tell us what your deal is. Why on earth are you watching cartoons? Are you a child?" the bully asked mockingly. "Is it so sad being a friendless teenager that you have to go around looking for young kids to befriend?"

James revealed who that blind girl in the park was. | Source: Pexels


James sighed, finally having enough. "I was at the park with my younger sister, Lisa. She's been blind since birth, and now that she's older, her doctor suggested bringing her outside some more; that's why we were there. Every day, I watch cartoons so that I have stories to tell her at night. She only likes it when I tell the stories and doesn't like audiobooks, so I watch shows to get new ideas," he explained.

Suddenly, the room fell silent. They were wrong about James, and they all realized they had been cruel to someone who wanted nothing more than to be a good older brother. When none of them said anything, James spoke again.

"Okay? Are you guys happy now? Please, stop tormenting me and leave me alone," he said, taking his phone from his stunned classmate's hand.


James shared Lisa's story to his classmates, and they all fell silent. | Source: Pexels

That day, nobody said a word to James. It was only until it was time to head home that they all approached him with a hand-written card that everybody in the class signed. "We're sorry, James. We've been really mean to you," one of his classmates said, sliding the card towards his desk.


"You're a good brother. Anyone would be lucky to have such a caring and loving brother or friend," another said. "We'll do better, we promise."

James accepted his classmates' apologies, seeing that they were all sincere. From that day on, he began to have more friends, and they all watched cartoons together and wrote stories to tell Lisa. Every weekend, they'd come together at James' house so they could play with Lisa and tell them the stories they wrote throughout the week.

"You don't just have me as your older brother now, Lisa. My friends here are now your older brothers and sisters, too! They're here to make you happy and to take care of you," James told his sister with a smile.


What can we learn from this story?

  • Older brothers are a blessing – they're there to love, care for, and protect their younger siblings. James loved taking care of his blind younger sister, Lisa. He always wanted to make her happy, even if he was secretly being teased for it at school. He shrugged off his bullies and continued with his life, knowing he wasn't doing anything wrong. He remained a kind, loving, and caring brother to his little sister.
  • It's never too late to correct your mistakes. At first, James' classmates mocked him for watching cartoons, as they were already teenagers. Once they found out the truth, they apologized to James and made sure to make it up to him by being there for James' younger sister, Lisa.

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