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Jaclyn Smith Has 'Bigger' Love for Grandbabies than Her Kids — She Had 'No Words' When She Met 1ST Grandchild

Daniella Segell
Jul 08, 2022
09:00 A.M.

Jaclyn Smith has been in the Hollywood spotlight for many years, but not many know about her personal life and, most importantly, her role as a mother and a grandma. Read on to find out about her family.


While the "Charlie's Angels" actress has had a brilliant career in the spotlight, her home life is going well too. She married cinematographer Anthony Richmond in 1981 and had two children before their divorce in 1989.

Richmond and Smith's children, son Gaston and daughter Spencer Margaret have become successful in their own right. Spencer and Smith partnered up to create a line of clothing for infants, and Gaston has become a camera assistant for many popular shows.

Jaclyn Smith and her daughter, Spencer Margaret, at the "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" premiere in Hollywood, California, 2003 | Source: Getty Images

Jaclyn Smith and her daughter, Spencer Margaret, at the "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" premiere in Hollywood, California, 2003 | Source: Getty Images

Each child has a unique relationship with their mother, but Smith ensures that she always puts her children and family first. Smith has described her children as "treasures" and said she wanted to do right by them.


She also told AP News she doesn't remember many dates or events that happened before her children were born. She clarified this statement, saying: "It's like from their births on, that's when my life really began."

However, later on, in the actress' life, she found an even more significant role to play than being a mom, with even more love to give, and she has shown the world just how much this role means to her.



While Smith had many important roles in her life, including her role as a mother, she made it clear to People in 2017 that her role as Grandma was one she enjoyed more than most. The actress' daughter, Spencer Margaret, gave birth to a baby girl in 2016, making Smith a first-time grandmother.

Her granddaughter, Bea, showed Smith that your love for your grandchild is far more significant than your love for your children. She told People:

"The love that you have for your children, it's like 'Oh my God.' But this is even bigger — there are no words."


She even mentioned that she never wanted to be apart from her granddaughter. Once, she invited her daughter on a trip to Rome, and when Spencer Margaret said she would have to bring Bea, the actress said, "Of course!" as she did not want to miss an opportunity to spend time with her granddaughter.

Her second grandchild was welcomed in 2019. Her son, Gaston, had a baby girl named Olivia Rose. Smith took to Twitter to announce the baby's birth with a photo of her sleeping peacefully on a white sheet.

Smith is always busy with her grandkids, but she has clarified that she wouldn't have it any other way. She revealed that she is ecstatic to be a grandma and now understands that loving your grandchildren is so great a love that you might even need an extra place in your heart to hold it.


Along with all of the social media posts she has made about her grandchildren, she would like to spend even more time with them. She has said about being a grandmother:

"It's the best thing in my life. I would steal them if I could. It's hard to explain with grandchildren."

Now that her grandchildren are growing up, she is keen to teach them all she can and experience new things with them that she never got to experience with her own children.



Smith enjoys showing her grandchildren off to the world through various social media profiles. Her Instagram and Twitter pages are filled with pictures of her grandchildren alone and of her grandchildren with her.

She has shared many milestones, such as spending Valentine's Day with her granddaughter, Bea, and spending spring break with her daughter, Spencer Margaret, Spencer Margaret's husband, and her granddaughter, Bea.

Olivia has also had her fair share of her grandmother's love showered upon her on social media, with Smith sharing sweet photos of Olivia wearing a headpiece. Another post saw Olivia posing with Smith and her cousin, Bea. The star said her grandchildren "make [her] world go round."


Smith has also said that her grandkids are welcome at her home any time as it is always open to them. She mentioned that she has a special drawer in her closet where she keeps candy, and Bea knows that she can take her pick of anything in the drawer.

While Smith had never watched "Charlie's Angels" with her own children while they were growing up, she hopes that this is something she will have the time to do with her granddaughters. Smith hopes that showing her grandchildren what she was like as a young actress will give them an idea of where they came from.

However, Smith believes that taking her grandchildren to Texas, where she grew up, will be the best way to teach them about their roots. The actress has said that she believes knowing where you came from is very important.


Smith also emphasized that, to her, there is no place in the world quite like Texas, and she would like her daughters to experience that way of life. She wants Bea and Olivia to learn all the games she used to play growing up and experience life in Texas.


Smith plans to teach her grandchildren many things as they grow up, but she has mentioned that while she has a lot to teach them, learning goes both ways. The actress has said that she is also learning a lot from her grandchildren.


The actress has learned much about being a grandmother and life in general and has shared as much with the media. As she mentioned to People:

"When you're with them, nothing else matters," she says. "You're really in the moment. You've come a distance in life, and you really know what’s important. You just forget it all."

In addition to learning lessons from her granddaughters, Smith has also learned lessons from her daughter after she became a grandmother. Smith said that she had to learn how to be more laid-back.


She told People that her granddaughter was playing when her sleeve got wet. While Smith wanted to change the child into dry clothes immediately, Spencer Margaret told her mother to allow the child to play as she was a free spirit.

Not only has grandmotherhood taught her some lessons, but it has also afforded her new opportunities. Smith has been in partnership with K-Mart for some time. However, after Bea was born, Smith expanded her horizons with the store.

She told them that she wanted to design a line of infant clothing, and they thought it was a great idea. It was then that she and Spencer Margaret teamed up to create the line.

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