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Mom Returns Home to See Daughter Lying in the Rain, Takes Her Hand and Lies Down to Support Her

Salwa Nadeem
Jul 22, 2022
11:25 A.M.
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A shocking video surfaced on TikTok that showed a girl lying in the rain in her driveway when her mother pulled over outside their house. A few moments later, viewers saw the woman lying next to her daughter on the wet ground.


When a person goes through mental health issues, their friends and family look after them and try to calm them down as much as possible. Parents who see their children battling mental health problems go the extra mile to make their kids feel comfortable.

The mother in today's story left netizens speechless when she did the unthinkable after seeing her daughter lying across the driveway while it rained. She shared a clip of the heartwarming moment that went viral in no time.

Grace and Desire Messick. | Source: tiktok.com/dizzymae89

Grace and Desire Messick. | Source: tiktok.com/dizzymae89



TikTok user dizzymae89 posted a video on April 17, 2021, which has managed to rack up 7.3M views, and more than 833K people have liked it. The poster, Desire Messick, captioned it:

"My baby needed me & I will always need her! You are the reason that I'm still breathing."

The video went viral on Twitter in July 2022, more than a year after Messick posted it on TikTok. It sparked a debate about mental health issues and what people can do to support their friends and family battling such problems.



Messick, a school teacher, was returning home from work on April 17, 2021, when she found her 13-year-old daughter, Grace, lying on the wet driveway. At that point, she realized her daughter was not feeling well. The worried mother recalled:

"She tried to raise her head and say something, so I knew something was wrong."

Viewers witnessed Messick immediately jump out of her car and lay beside Grace in the security camera footage, but they couldn't understand the mother's actions.



Messick later explained what had happened to her daughter. She said Grace was having an anxiety attack because of everything happening around her during the pandemic. The young girl thought lying on the ground would help her deal with it, but things took a different turn. Messick revealed:

"She was afraid she would be in trouble for being out in the rain, but she literally could not get up."

When Messick was lying next to Grace, she took her daughter's hand and tried to comfort her. The mother could feel how terrible her daughter felt and how badly she needed someone to listen to her and help her calm down.



At the beginning of the video, no one could have guessed that Messick would jump out of her black SUV and give her daughter the company she needed. The viewers saw the mother-daughter duo lying on the ground for a few seconds.

When Messick was helping her daughter battle the mental stress in the rain, she didn't think about the security camera that had recorded their precious moment. Once Grace had calmed down and they went inside the house, Messick thought of checking the security camera footage.

After watching the heartwarming video, an idea crossed Messick's mind. She wasn't sure how it would work out, but she thought of implementing it to see what would happen.



Later that day, Messick extracted the camera footage, transferred it to her phone, and uploaded it on TikTok. It was the first video she had ever shared on her TikTok profile, not knowing it would soon go viral.

Messick's sole purpose in uploading the video on TikTok was to preserve it for Grace so she could see it whenever she felt low. Messick wanted her daughter to know she was always there to make her feel better. However, when the video went viral and Messick's friends told her about it, she said:

"I am thankful that it's bringing awareness to mental health around the world. Because mental health is so important regardless of a person's age."



The mother believed people should always be there for others, just like they would want someone to be there for them when they feel low. She felt mental health was "often overlooked and misjudged" and felt happy that her video helped raise awareness about this topic. She added:

"As a mom and as an educator, I feel it's something that we all need to be more aware of."

Grace in the driveway. | Source: tiktok.com/dizzymae89

Grace in the driveway. | Source: tiktok.com/dizzymae89



After watching Messick's TikTok video, many people shared their opinions in the comments section. TikTok user cg1871221003 said:

"My mom would've yelled at me to get out the driveway or she'll run me over."

"I have done that before, but at this moment, my mom-gut knew she was hurting, and something was up," Messick replied to the user's comment. Meanwhile, TikTok user jenboodle said:

"Oh, this made me super emotional. What lucky people you are to have each other."


What would you do if you were in Messick's place? Would you also make your daughter feel comfortable like she did?

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