An image from "The Originals" | A picture from "Shadowhunters" | Source: Facebook/cworiginals | Facebook/ShadowhuntersSeries
An image from "The Originals" | A picture from "Shadowhunters" | Source: Facebook/cworiginals | Facebook/ShadowhuntersSeries

9 Addictive Shows Like 'The Vampire Diaries' for Fans of Supernatural Dramas

Christell Fatima M. Tudtud
Aug 18, 2023
01:15 P.M.

Television shows like "The Vampire Diaries" have indeed captivated viewers worldwide. With the show, fans are drawn into a world where supernatural intrigue knows no bounds as it delights the senses and ignites the imagination.


Fans of TV shows centered around magical creatures with fangs delight in the blend of darkness and desire. The series offers an escape where immortal characters tackle eternal complexities, mixing vulnerability and power.

One of the most timeless shows that have set viewers into a frenzy is the CW series "The Vampire Diaries." Even if the series ended several years ago, some fans can't simply get enough of the show.

Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, and Paul Wesley of "The Vampire Diaries" at the press room for Teen Choice 2010 on August 8, 2010, in California. | Source: Getty Images

Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, and Paul Wesley of "The Vampire Diaries" at the press room for Teen Choice 2010 on August 8, 2010, in California. | Source: Getty Images

A Timeless Show: 'The Vampire Diaries' Charms Fans for Years

Released in 2009, "The Vampire Diaries" is an immensely influential series that has captivated audiences with its complex relationships, supernatural elements, gripping plot, and emotional depth. It also has a solid fan base, contributing to its enduring impact.


The show seamlessly weaves together drama, romance, mystery, and fantasy, captivating audiences and allowing them to connect with characters, regardless of how complex they are portrayed on screen.

Fans have several unforgettable scenes from the show, notably the love triangle involving brothers Damon and Stefan Salvatore and the woman of their desire, Elena Gilbert — portrayed by actors Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, and Nina Dobrev, respectively.


Equally admired by viewers is Elena's remarkable friendship with Bonnie Bennett, brought to life by actress Kat Graham, and the bond forged between Damon and Alaric Saltzman, played by actor Matthew Davis.

Though the show concluded in 2017 after eight seasons, its finale does not mark the end of supernatural dramas, as this genre has flourished for many years and is bound to continue captivating audiences.

Over the years, many TV shows like "The Vampire Diaries" have caught viewers' attention. These include "The Originals," "Vampire Academy," "Van Helsing," "Legacies," "Shadowhunters," "True Blood," "Teen Wolf," "Constantine," and "Sleepy Hollow."


'The Originals': Where First Fangs Were Unleashed

Aired from 2013 to 2018, "The Originals" is a spinoff from "The Vampire Diaries." This series is the story of the Mikaelson family, revered as the Original Vampires. This series also unveils the clan's connection to Mystic Falls.

The story revolves around the exploits of the Mikaelson siblings — Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah — and their friends. Their journey led them back to New Orleans, where they strived to reclaim dominance over the supernatural realm.

Actor Joseph Morgan brilliantly portrayed Klaus, while Daniel Gillies embodies the character of Elijah, and Claire Holt personifies Rebekah. The series also featured Phoebe Tonkin, Charles Michael Davis, and Yusuf Gatewood.

'Vampire Academy': Bloody Friendships & Power Struggles


"Vampire Academy" is a 2022 series adapted from author Richelle Mead's young adult novel of the same title. It revolves around the friendship between Lissa Dragomir and Rose Hathaway, played by Daniela Nieves and Sisi Stringer, respectively.

The story occurs at St. Vladimir's Academy, a boarding school where pure-blooded Moroi vampires and unique hybrids of human and Moroi heritage, called Dhampirs, are educated.

Amidst high-stakes challenges along the way, Lissa and Rose display an unbreakable bond while seamlessly weaving together themes of friendship, romance, privilege, and the power struggles among the Moroi royal clans.

'Van Helsing': Keeping the Hunting Legacy Alive

The 2016 "Van Helsing" series offers a captivating fusion of action, drama, and fantasy. It follows Vanessa Helsing, a descendant of the renowned vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing. Kelly Overton portrays Vanessa.


Resurrected after a five-year coma, Vanessa wakes up in a world that vampires already take over. Vanessa's role is to take up the family mantle and eradicate the Earth from the blood-thirsty creatures.

Interestingly, "Van Helsing" appears to be a TV adaptation that drew inspiration from the 2004 film of the same name. This film featured actor Hugh Jackman in the role of Gabriel Van Helsing.

'Legacies': Another Captivating Life of a Mikaelson Descendant

"Legacies," a series that aired from 2016 to 2021. It expands upon the captivating universe of "The Vampire Diaries" and "The Originals." This captivating spinoff takes a deep dive into the lives of young supernatural beings.

Actress Danielle Rose Russell stars as a high schooler Hope Mikaelson, the lead star of the series, a tribrid born of both vampire and werewolf heritage. The show chronicles Hope's journey through adolescence, self-identity, love, and friendships.


Recognized for its artistic achievements, "Legacies" earned a nomination for Best Production Design or Art Direction, Fiction at the 2022 Canadian Screen Awards. Additionally, the show garnered a nomination for Best Lead Actor Drama Series at the 2018 Canadian Screen Awards.

'Shadowhunters': Navigating Darkness and Venturing into the Unknown

Running from 2016 to 2019, the series "Shadowhunters" takes viewers on a gripping journey as it explores the dark world of demon hunting and the challenges faced by those known as Shadowhunters.

The series follows Shadowhunter Clary Fairchild, portrayed by Katherine McNamara. Following her mother's mysterious disappearance, she embarks on a dangerous journey, battling warlocks, werewolves, and vampires.

Beyond its supernatural elements, "Shadowhunters" delves into thought-provoking social issues, showcasing how the fantasy genre can serve as a powerful platform to address complex topics fresh and unbiasedly.


'True Blood': Love, Acceptance, & Bloody Drama

Boundaries between the natural and supernatural blur in a tale of romance, mystery, and the undead in one captivating series, "True Blood." Created by Alan Ball, the series transports viewers into a universe where vampires intertwine with the lives of humans.

The series is set two years after introducing a synthetic blood product known as "True Blood," vampires have revealed their existence to humanity. The show follows Sookie Stackhouse, portrayed by Anna Paquin, a telepathic waitress in the fictional town of Temps, Louisiana.

As Sookie falls for a charming southern vampire, her efforts to fit in with others become more challenging due to people's resistance to their relationship. The show's run gained recognition, including Primetime Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Production Design and Art Direction.


'Teen Wolf': Unleashing Youthful Howls & Playful Fangs

"Teen Wolf" takes viewers on a thrilling adventure through the supernatural as a teenager's life takes a sharp turn when he and his best friend are tangled in a web of trouble, resulting in a life-changing werewolf bite.

Set in the enigmatic town of Beacon Hills, the series follows ordinary high school student turned werewolf Scott McCall, who gets caught in the crosshairs of supernatural forces.

Alongside the protagonist's best friend, Stiles Stilinksi, Scott grapples with newfound powers, dilemmas, and dangers in his beloved town. Actor Tyler Posey played Scott, while Dylan O'Brien portrayed Stilinski.


'Constantine': When a Sinner Becomes a Saint

A gripping occult detective drama, "Constantine" follows a man's struggle with his past and his newfound responsibility to defend humanity against the encroaching forces of darkness.

At the center of this drama is the protagonist John Constantine, portrayed by Matt Ryan, a man grappling with his faith and haunted by the sins that have shaped his life. Ryan's portrayal breathes life into the eponymous character, immersing audiences in the complexities of Constantine's journey.

'Sleepy Hollow': Mysteries across Centuries

History intertwines with the supernatural in the TV series "Sleepy Hollow." Aired from 2013 to 2017 on Fox, Ichabod Crane, portrayed by Tom Mison, finds himself resurrected and transported over two centuries through time to solve a mystery that stretches back to the era of the founding fathers.


Ichabod's resurrection, however, also marks the return of a villainous headless horseman named Sleepy Hollow. Fortunately, Ichabod has his partner Abbie Mills to help him stop Sleepy Hollow's evil ways.

Inspired by Washington Irving's iconic short story "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," the show ingeniously weaves concepts from Irving's "Rip Van Winkle" to create an enthralling story.

The series received acclaim and recognition, including a 2014 Primetime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music and numerous nominations from other award bodies.

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