February 08, 2019

A man hears a strange sound from the pit. He looks in and sees a small living creature

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Animals can often surprise and amaze everyone around, but no one knows exactly how this dog ended up down there.

According to Historias.guru, this elderly dog, who supposedly spent months at the bottom of a 26-foot well, has finally been rescued.

A pair of real-life superheroes from Bosnia brought a dog named Christmas up out of a deep, dark well and named it "Christmas."

Veteran rescuer Fahrudin Caki Bravo and his buddy, Ratko Koblar, drove hours across their country when they heard about the dog.

The video of the blind dog's rescue already went viral, as everyone on the Internet is completely heart warmed by the footage.


When animal rescue group Harmony Fund of Holden, Massachusetts, learned about this dog they coordinated with Bravo to save the poor dog.

It is unclear exactly how long the black dog had been down the well, as it was reportedly kept alive thanks to local children who would throw food for it.


"We don’t know if he fell or if he was thrown down there. This poor animal is 100 % blind. And unfortunately, he’s experienced a horror story," Bravo said.

The dog was walking across a huge field looking for food when he supposedly fell down a well that is eight meters deep.

According to Bravo, after a man heard the dog whining from the bottom, many people were informed about this, including local rescue teams, but no one wanted to go down the well.

The two rescuers rushed to the scene armed with climbing gear that would allow Bravo to be lowered into the well safely.


"The well was about 8-meters deep and I could barely see the dog. Just imagine his pain, trying to get out of there," Bravo said.

Once outside the well, they realized the medium-sized dog was blind and had been alone in the well for months. Surprisingly, it was in good shape.

According to Laura Simpson, founder of the Harmony Fund in Holden, Massachusetts, the dog is in foster care as they're trying to find a permanent home for it.