Jessa Duggar is reportedly pregnant with a 3rd child. Baby bump spotted

It is a year for babies in the Duggar clan, and 25-year-old Jessa Duggar might be boarding the baby train with husband Ben Seewald for the third time.

It is a story we are getting used to these days. Before celebrities make their more or less spectacular announcements in social media when they are expecting, the fans spark the rumors and speculation, and it seems that most of the times they are right.

We are living in a time when it is really difficult to keep such things, however personal, a secret. A small detail in a social media post, or simply going out of home, can expose a celebrity pregnancy at fairly early stages. Take the Kardashians, for example.

The Duggar’s, the family who have become famous for the reality TV shows 19 and Counting and Counting On are an endless source of pregnancy rumors because of their old-fashioned customs and, also related, because there are so many of them.

In February came the turn to Jessa Duggar, 25, to become the center of pregnancy rumors, originated from a post on Reddit by an unnamed source, as reported by Entertainment Daily.

According to the anonymous informer who claims to be an ‘insider’, Duggar was expecting her third child with husband Ben Seewald. The alleged source reportedly assured that he or she had met Duggar and she was sporting a very clear baby bump.

‘I'm using a throwaway because I don't want to be identified, but I have some insider news... Jessa is preggers!’ they wrote. Now, In Touch is claiming to have confirmation that Duggar is in the middle of her second trimester.

According to their own unnamed source, the official announcement of Duggar’s pregnancy will be made the following April. Allegedly, she would have held the announcement to not take away from the news of her brother Josiah’s upcoming wedding to Lauren Swanson.

This will make Jessa the third member of the Duggar family who is expecting a baby. Her sister Jinger, and sister-in-law Kendra Caldwell also have babies on the way. No comment has been made by Jessa Duggar on the issue.

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